Power in words

The keynote this morning is Delivering Happiness. I was REALLY looking forward to this talk. I was sitting in the hall with 4000 other people waiting to get in. We had fifteen more minutes to go to get in. We were all anxiously waiting. Many were turned away at the door. Fifteen more minutes.

A man walked slowly to the door, pushing a walker. He asked for a little extra time to not get caught in the crush. They let him in.
Then the two males (sorry, can’t quite bring myself to call them men) remarked that an inexpensive way to get seated early and in front was to buy yourself a walker and you’re in.  
When the doors opened, the man with the walker was sitting in the middle of the room, not up front and not even in the reserved for handicapped seats. 
I guess maybe he needed the little extra time.
He might not have heated your snarky remarks, but they did not go unheard. And they will not go unreported. I hope you never need the extra help. But if you do, I hope you never have to deal with people like yourself. A little dignity isn’t too much to ask for.


One response to “Power in words

  1. Rick Phillips

    As a guy using a walker right now, I can attest that no one does this to get a better seat. When I am finished using it these boys can have it.

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