Bright (technically dark) and early…

Today is “D” day for squirrel.  Today she takes her state boards for barbering.  I’m up obscenely early even for me… creatures are fed… the next pot of coffee is on (if anyone can lay their hands on Aspen Ridge coffee… we have it at Marcs… the black berry cobbler coffee is amazing)… and I’m getting ready to shower and get the rest of everyone else up.

Two hours to Columbus.  Three hours for the exams.  Her victim looks suitably shaggy.

Not sure what (other than the second hand store in the same plaza as the exam) we are going to do for three hours… taking my iPad so maybe I can write.

I got up this morning and her license (which will come in the mail later this week when she passes) frame is laying on the table ready for the mail to come on Wednesday or Thursday.  She’s not excited or anything you understand…




Love and Light
April Wells

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