Contemplating Success


Sneaking a Peek at State Boards

It has been quite an eventful week, this week.

In the past week I have been given the preliminary (still waiting on the ACTUAL) contract for the book “The Tech Professional’s Guide to Communication in a Global Workplace”.  So, I’m busily trying to get ahead on chapters so if anything happens I don’t fall behind.  Some days it is harder than others to pry my butt out of be at o-dark-thirty in the morning to spend a couple hours before my day to get things underway but underway they are!

This comes hot on the heels of my going to present my Cross Cultural Communication presentation at GLOC 17 in Cleveland on Wednesday next week.

I get the distinct impression that I should not be proud of myself.  Sometimes I doubt myself… but I am proud of myself.  I know that I have worked hard for most of this and I’m proud of myself.

And Monday I watched a very confident little barber walk out of the Ohio State Boards knowing in her head and heart that she passed and only waiting to hear her actual score on Tuesday from her school.  She got an “A” (or the equivalent) on her test… a 92.

Now she KNOWS she can do this and that there is something that she is really really good at.  Now if the silly license paper would come in the mail so she can start her job.  She’s really chomping at the bit to do that.

I am so proud of her.  I’m proud that she did it, but I’m more proud that she stuck with it even when things got tough and even when she had really really bad days and she finished what she started.  THAT is something that, to her, will be far more valuable in her whole life than even the incredible act of becoming a barber.  Knowing that you can is sometimes more incredible than even doing.

This morning dawned to rain.  The green is so much more incredibly greener in the yard when it is washed by the rain. It’s chilly and damp (and the damp is really pounding on my fingers this morning) but it is so beautiful outside.  With all of the ‘excitement’ of this week, I’m kind of riding on a dose of Napproxen right now, added to my allergy medicine and my Arava and vitamins and calcium…

I’ve noticed something new and I’m not sure if it is a “thing” or something transient but, while we were driving home from Columbus on Monday, I noticed that there is kind of a new buzzing in my ears.  It’s constant.  On Monday when it hit it was really really loud… it has quieted to just being on the annoying side of noticeable since then. It doesn’t keep me awake yet, but I go to sleep with the TV on or music playing on my iPod.  I’ve been googling to see if it is actually a thing and it actually (surprised here) may be a thing with RA.  I will have to touch base with my Rheumy to see.  Just a heads up that if you think something is weird, don’t hesitate to talk to your Drs.  They are the ones who can do the knowing.


Love and light

April Wells



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