Dear Imminent Forthcoming, July 18, 2017

Dear Imminent Forthcoming (IF),

It is July 18, 2017.

The sun in Cleveland is hazzy an damp.

It is Tuesday.

I am listening to “The Second Summer of the Sisterhood”.

I have decided, dear IF, to start to write you letters.  I don’t know if this will work, but it seems like an idea calling me.  The words chase around in my brain and this seems like the only way to get them out.

It was a delightful (if prolonged) walk to work from the parking lot.  I found wonderful spider webs on the fences next to the river.  There was a shiny G-Tug (the Cleveland).

Yesterday was my July Orencia infusion.  I’m feeling really crappy this morning.  My fingers ache with every key stroke.  They are still stiff 7 hours after I got up and they burn.  I’m starting to believe Dr Desai that I’m flaring.  Go figure.  She knew better than I did.  Again… go figure. The Tiger Balm is barely taking the edge off of it.  I’m living for the moment that the Orencia takes hold this week.  Bear picked up my Arava from CVS yesterday.  I dumped all three month’s worth of pills into one bottle and it still didn’t come up to a half inch in the bottom of ONE of the giant bottle.

I’ve been getting a disturbing number of spam phone calls.  To date, “The Department of Grants” owes me $54,000 ($9000 a call… six separate calls) and I’m starting to take them as a challenge.  When the calls (I’ve named the two numbers that come in “Nope in DC” in my contacts, so I can be INCREDIBLY excited that I’m getting another 9K when I answer) come in… I answer excitedly and head them off in their bored monotone schpeel.  I got one to laugh and one to get pissed off because I told him he owes me 54K.  I wonder if they will call again.  Hope not.

I’ve fallen in love with my Campfire Cardigan crochet pattern.  I’m getting compliments on the one I made me.  It’s finished and it worked up really fast.  I love the way it hangs and the hood on it that I can almost totally hide in.   Squirrel’s is nearly finished (three days in) and it will be done in plenty of time for her birthday.  Next (if he snags me enough yarn) one for Monkey Butt and one for his friend from far away.  I started my green version but I am not hurrying through this one.  I’m trying to decide if I want to cook up a bunch of these to put on Etsy to see if I can make some extra money… but I don’t know if anyone would bother to buy one given the price I will have to charge just to cover the yarn and anything over and above that.

Bear is doing pretty well.  He walked around by the mall yesterday.  His normally 6 mile walk turned into a 5 mile walk, but he also stopped at the mall for lunch.  The cooler weather and the lower humidity had him a little tired when he got home, but he was feeling better than he had the last few days.  I’m glad.  Sunday was a hard day for him.  He was really really tired and not eating enough made his Esbriet pills having him feel really sick.  I listen to him breathe (he breathes so much easier at night when he has his oxygen on) and the sound (along with the sound of the concentrater in the corner) are reassuring.


Well, bye for now

Love and light







One response to “Dear Imminent Forthcoming, July 18, 2017

  1. Rick Phillips

    Hey, Mandy owes me 1,6 million. Mandy, you ask? She calls me about once an hour to let me know my car warranty has expired. Just to be clear, I sort of like it. But please do not tell my wife. 🙂


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