Dear IF, July 19, 2017

Dear IF

Good morning, dear friend. It’s Wednesday already, and it is “Homecoming” here. Homecoming reminds me a lot of Street Fair when I was a kid, except we don’t actually have anything vaguely resembling a downtown therefore can’t have a street fair.

I miss having a down town.

Bear is not up for the parade this afternoon. The meds are really kicking his ass right now and a good chunk of days he just feels drained and washed out. He hasn’t had much of the nausea that they said might come and he hasn’t had any adverse reactions to the sun so far. But a good number of days he just doesn’t feel up to anything. He pushes any way but he says it is really hard to fight the feeling. He has faith that the Esbriet will help slow down the progress but he hates the way he’s feeling right now. I hope Michelle is right and he will pass through this and come out on the other side in a month or so. Disney is looming and he is really scared he’s going to HAVE to rent one of those fancy dancy scooters. Renting them from Disney is obscenely expensive but I don’t know how we would get them from the room to the parks if we rented one from an outside company.

Mental note, IF… I should start researching that this weekend.

Made myself coffee this morning in the one cup thing. I got up planning on drinking some of the coffee that should have been left and warm from the pot I made last night that was sitting in the carafe but low and behold it was all gone. I hate when the pop has run out in the house and everyone is struggling to find things to drink. I won’t buy pop just because I know that there is money for everything else and $10 could be funneled to the pop of choice.

Between the RA kicking my butt just now and the IPF stressing me worrying, I’m just not real up for bullshit right now.

My RA isn’t behaving at the moment, IF. I would have thought that there would have been a bit of relief by now from the infusion on Monday, but I’ve found myself turning more and more to the CBD laced BooBoo oil that Vicki made. I’m going to have to make sure that I put back enough money to send her so she can make another batch for me in the next month or so. I kind of had my doubts that the CBD would help, but it really does seem to ease the ouchies for at least the biggest part of a day.

Sometimes I wonder, IF, what is going to become of you. I try so hard to focus on the today (sometimes the moment) and I try not to look back at where I was (where we were) over the past several years but looking back and wondering about the future seems to go hand in hand with this adventure. I’m determined to sign up for the Christmas Story House 10k in December but I keep putting off the signing up.

This quote was in my Zen calendar this morning. It made me smile.

I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.


Well, IF, it is time to head in to work. Squirrel has a doctor appointment this morning so I won’t be taking her with me today. I think she really wants to start going in the extra one day a week. She loves her job even when her hands ache. I hope the Rheumy helps her some today.

It takes courage to grow up and become who You really are. <Amandya Wells>”Too many people just don’t understand the simple enjoyment of flying a kite”
~ Adam Wells… age 10

Love and Light

Today’s April

,_\ )( /{
Some things have to be believed to be seen….


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