Dear IF, July 25 2017

Hello, IF

I hope this finds you well. With all of my heart I hope that this finds you well.

It’s Tuesday already. It’s been a long, busy several days. The heat has finally broken and it is a beautifully cool and breezy day. I’m working from home today and I’m on the porch listening to the wind chimes dance. It’s nice. Being able to sit here has eased the tremendous headache I woke up with.

Saturday, I started a Campfire Cardigan for mom. It’s in delightful shades of green… Joann’s Sweet Roll. It says it is mint swirl… but it is the most beautiful shades of grass and leaves. I’ve been tinkering with the pattern and making adjustments. I like what it’s turning out like now and I think I will keep the changes. I think I’m going to make the trim in tree trunk brown. I got a HUGE chunk of one side of it while we drove to Cedar Point (Cedar Shores, actually) on Sunday.

The water park on Sunday was amazing. Bear was really worried that it would be a whole horrible day. While later in the day it did turn out for both of us to be hard (tired, aching, difficult) but the rest of the day was really good. Bear, braced in an inner-tube, swam his way to the 6 foot end of the wave pool. He just kicked his way out there then realized that he didn’t know how to get himself back. The good part was… when the waves started it pushed him towards where he could finally touch the ground. I made sure that he kept sunscreen on the whole time. I wish I had thought to put it on me. I ended up getting a little red… not a bad burn but enough to be a little ouchy for the night. While we were in the water or wet enough for the breeze to cool the world it wasn’t a bad day, even though he didn’t wear his oxygen at all the whole six hours. Once it started to dry though and we changed and walked back to Cedar Point everything caught up to both of us.

I have to go for now…
Hope you enjoy the pictures
Love and Light

It takes courage to grow up and become who You really are. <Amandya Wells>”Too many people just don’t understand the simple enjoyment of flying a kite”
~ Adam Wells… age 10


,_\ )( /{
Some things have to be believed to be seen….


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