Doing Disney with a Disability… part 2

The first day at Disney, we moved from Port Orleans to Pop Century. We moved hotels early so we could go to Hollywood Studio and get at least a part of a day in at the park. We checked in, but our room (a Handicap Accessible room) wasn’t ready yet and wouldn’t be for a while. They told us we could check our luggage with the hotel and it would be put in our room as soon as it was ready. All we would have to do is use our magic bands to get into the room when we got back from the park.

THAT was the plan we tried to follow.

Bear checked in with Guest Services to try to get his DAS to help him bypass some of the lines. They looked at the rollator and his portable oxygen concentrator and had him fill out the paperwork, they took our pictures, and sent us on our way.

People online kind of worked at dissuading me to not even have him try to get a DAS, but to rent one of the ECV automatic buggies that easily traverse almost any line anyway and besides a DAS would not keep us from having to go from one ride to the next and then back if we needed to. We could just drive into the lines (and over other people if the rude people who do rent them are anything to go by) and wait for two or three hours (you know… if the oxygen doesn’t actually run out while we were in line). NOONE gets a DAS anyway. They have buckled down on allowing people to use them and really they were ONLY REALLY meant for those people who have autistic children who can’t stand to stand in line. Turns out everyone who dumped on me were wrong. Bear got his special dispensation to get return times and to be able to sit down in the shade to rest if he needed to.

I am still a bit irritated with all of the bad advice I got but I guess it is all over and done with.

We had a wonderful day at the park. Rode the rides, saw shows, saw the characters. We had the desert party at Fantasmic. The food was pretty good. I really like the light up cups that were included. We got pictures in front of the ‘lake’. Interesting, I saw the ‘caution there could be alligators and snakes in the lake’.

Because we left pretty late, we got to the hotel at about 9 to actually get into our room. It was WAY further away from the parking lot than I would have thought a ‘handicap accessible’ room might be. I would figure out later that, even though it was on the third floor, the hotel seems to believe that because it is REASONABLY close the the lobby/bus/cafeteria it must be marvelous. We got one of the not yet upgraded rooms… the fittings in the accessible showers were loose.

Walked into the room… and… no luggage. No Oxygen concentrator. No ANYTHING.

I called the front desk and was connected to the luggage storage place. THEY seemed to be a bit harried. They also (after 15 minutes) admitted that they couldn’t ACTUALLY find it. Could I bring the luggage check down and they would try to find it that way.

Bear was with three empty batteries for his portable and no oxygen.

I was livid.

I hiked to the parking lot to retrieve the luggage check. I hiked to the lobby to see if they could find the luggage. 30 minutes later, the luggage magically showed up… on a trolley… and handed to me to push to the room on my own. I was INCREDIBLY thrilled that the guy just shoved the trolly at me. It was INCREDIBLY big of him to tell me I could just leave the trolly outside the room and someone would get it. Two BIG suitcases, four backpacks, and the big oxygen concentrator on the cart and I’m exhausted at this point. I’m also in tears as I push the damn thing back to the room.

Bear was coughing and coughing and feeling pretty sick.

He ended up staying in the room in bed the entire next day because of how sick he was. I called the lobby again and vented. This all did ABSOLUTELY no good. The head of the luggage department was EVER so sorry. Could she give me six free fast passes (for the parks that we weren’t actually going to be able to go to because he was still so sick… YAY…) and Pizza (that he couldn’t eat because he was so sick and feeling so tired). I was so angry. I’m STILL so angry.

Bear made me go to breakfast on my own… because we paid for it… and he thinks I need to learn to do things on my own
He made me go to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween on my own… because we paid for it… and because he thinks I need to learn to do things on my own…

I didn’t make it the whole night. He called me and told me how sick he was still feeling. His sister told him to see the dr. The first aid people told me the same thing and that he should go by ambulance to the ER and they could put me in a cab to meet him there. Bear refused. The cast member at Guest Services did put me in a mini-van (but not a Minnie-van) and drove me to the hotel. We drove in our car to the ER.

They determined that he was exhausted, and dehydrated. They gave him an IV, potassium, and meds to help him sleep.

I did find out later that, had we opted for the ambulance it would have been free of charge and the cab for me there and back to the hotel for both of us would have also free. Disney would have provided a voucher to get us back to the hotel.

Bear actually slept that night and woke up in the morning looking less pale and ready to face the park that day (albeit a bit more slowly than was our typical Disney trip).

To Be Continued…

April Wells


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