And Suddenly It Was November

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was in Las Vegas in April for Collaborate 2017 and feeling so very far away and alone and hearing that Bear actually was going to have to go on oxygen?  I swear it was just yesterday.

And wasn’t it just yesterday that we were heading out to Disney for our trip?  Yeah, I think maybe it was.

It was just yesterday that the kids and I put up the Halloween decorations in the yard.  I’m pretty sure it must have been.

This year has gone so fast.  This year has gone too fast.  And Suddenly it is November.

Halloween was a bit on the depressing side.  We didn’t even empty the first bowl of candy and I gave everyone a really big handful.  It was nice because people came to the yard to take pictures with their kids with the decorations and that really made me smile, but we didn’t even have half of the kids this year that we had last year.

It was cold.  It was FINALLY feeling like October.  I built a fire in the chiminea for a little warmth on the porch and for the sheer enjoyment of sitting with the fire.  I kept it small so it didn’t smoke too much (Bear was sitting on the porch with me) but the fire was really nice.

He swore that, because it was cold and because he wasn’t feeling fabulous, he was going to wait until Wednesday to un-decorate the yard.  Yeah… I didn’t really believe it either.  He DID make the concession that he used his bottled oxygen (since it was enough below 41 that his POC wasn’t working really well) while he took everything down.  He was only going to take down four… he ended up taking all of them down.  The neighbors must think we are crazy.

Yesterday, he decided that he was going to make sure that the next time the leaf sucker trucks come that the yard would be reasonably clean… so he spent almost the entire day leaf blowing the yard.  If it had only been leaves, it would have been okay, but this has been a horrendous year for hickory nuts and they don’t leaf blow easily… and raking takes everything out of him.  So… for about 6 hours the yard was pretty clean.  Then it rained and got windy and the yard is all leafy again.

If I were to bet, I would say that he will probably be out there again today trying to get the rest of the stupid things out front before the leaf people come again.

The Christmas tree is 3/4 done.  Yes, I know.  But Bear really wanted it up early this year even if it isn’t completely decorated.  It makes the living room feel warm and inviting even if you can’t see the TV from one of the chairs.  Herman loves laying on the floor under the tree.  I’m not sure what is up with that, but I am certain he is a really weird cat.


It will not surprise me if the ‘candy cane’ lights don’t start going around the yard today.  The weather is supposed to be conducive to pounding holes in the ground so the PVC pipes can be put in the ground.  Might not string the lights yet, but getting those pipes in the ground is important before the ground gets even started to be frozen.

I really have to get some PVC pipe over the next year and some red electrical tape so I can make some new candy canes.  What Amarillo did with them was awesome.  I don’t know if I would sell them (I don’t know if anyone would bother buying them… I totally appear to suck at selling stuff) but I want to make sure that we have replacements as ours start to wear more.

I did get some neat lights.  They are built in bluetooth with four speakers down the light string. I used them in the bushes for Halloween and they worked really well.  I’m going to see if I can’t get Christmas Carols streaming for the season this year.  I may even be able to get it loud enough to hear from the street.

Started Physical Therapy this week.  The therapist seems to think that maybe I was right after all and that what is going on with the pain at the top of my hip is… well… not my back at all but (ghasp… who would have thought) my hip.  I know, right?  It’s not what the ER assured me that it is.  So, I’m going to be doing exercises for whatever it is to see if that helps at all.  Last night I took a couple Napproxen because moving my hip felt very white light sparkly and I really didn’t like that feeling.  This morning, I’m relying on Napproxen a lot.  Squirrel caught me ‘mooing’ for a bit when I was up moving around because this morning it is hurting about an 8.  I’m REALLY REALLY glad that I’m working from home today because I’m not entirely sure I could make the hike from where I park to work today.

Therapist seems to think (like I do) that it will be worse around infusion time when my other joints decide to be whiney as well because… well… it is a joint.  Another thing that my Rheumy PA suggested might not be the case.  Looks like I have a new normal.

I’m waiting to hear all kinds of updates on things right now so I’m also kind of stressing a bit.  I’m really glad that I have work (and Christmas music streaming from the computer) to throw myself into so have less opportunity to think…

Love and Light



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