Morning Rituals


Rituals are starting to be more and more important to me.  The above picture is from a much neglected blog of pictures.  I’ve started to focus on one small part of my day… my coffee (actually, occasionally tea).  Sometimes it is surrounded by work.  This morning surrounded by candles on my desk at home.  It’s PT day therefore I’m working from home.

Rituals… focussing on something small that is even somewhat positive… is starting to allow me to center myself.  I’ve been stressing.  I’ve been worrying.  I’ve been loosing the myself that is myself and having something that I’m committed to focussing on, even something small, is helping me remember to not completely lose myself.

It doesn’t always help my pain on days when I hurt, but it gives me something constant to think about outside of myself.


Love and Light
April Wells


One response to “Morning Rituals

  1. I love a great ritual, it makes life so much easier sometimes.

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