Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

Joyous Monday

Whatever you are doing this day, may it be magical.

Here, in up-state Ohio, it has been snowing and it continues to snow.  The driveway is shoveled and salted.  The pies are in the oven and I should be putting in the turkey shortly after they come out.

We made it to Christmas.  There were times when Bear wasn’t sure he would and he has days when he feels better than others, but we made it.

Yesterday we went to see Ferdinand and then went back to see Star Wars (Jumanji is set for Tuesday evening).  Getting out helps Bear’s mood significantly.  It will be good for him to start his respiratory therapy on January 16th.  It will get him out and about and it will teach him how to stay as healthy as he can.  He even says that, once he knows WHAT he can do, he will start going with me to the gym.   It will be a long winter but I have hope that it will be a good winter.

I feel a little guilty this morning… because when I shoveled the sidewalk (have I said how much a absolutely love my new shovel?… and that sentence in itself is sad…) I stopped at the property line to the neighbor’s property… the woman who pitched a fit that our Christmas inflatables were making too much noise (despite them being down by 10 or 11) and one of the guy-wires being 6 inches onto her property.  I just couldn’t bring myself to be charitable this morning. I feel guilty but not nearly guilty enough to shovel her walk.

And still it’s snowing.

The trees are beautiful.

When Squirrel gets up I think I will take her to the bird sanctuary to take pictures.  I think she will enjoy that and… hey… it’s not far from Sheetz and I totally want free coffee!  🙂 Yay Christmas.

I got a calendar yesterday (okay, I got two because they were buy one get one for half off).  I got my Zen calendar that I always look forward to but for the half off calendar I got Ready Set Happy (a daily dose of positive journaling).  While we were waiting for Ferdinand to start, I read some of the pages and I think it is going to be really fun.  AND I think I’m going to buy a few of the books that Lisa Currie has created.  If the calendar is this cool, the books might be too.  AND I’m glad I got it when we went IN to the movies because the Zen calendar was sold out at both places in the mall when we came out and so was the Ready Set Happy.


love and light

time to get cooking…




One response to “Merry Christmas 2017

  1. Everything was beautiful here in central Indiana as well. I cannot say I enjoy the snow, but I suppose on Christmas it can be beautiful. The day after? Well not so much. I hope the birds were lively today.

    Merry Christmas from Indianapolis!!


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