Criminally Represensible

There was a beautiful precious young (very young) woman who was killed almost two years ago driving home from work because a man who wanted to commit suicide decided to drive the wrong way up the highway in the wrong direction.

Today is the sentencing for the man who murdered this young woman.

People who are watching the live stream of the sentencing hearing are commenting on the fact that people who are on oxygen should not be allowed to drive… because he CHOSE to drive the wrong way up a highway and he happens to be on oxygen.  People are commenting that people in wheelchairs are not fit to drive cars because he CHOSE to drive at high speed up the highway in the wrong direction.



He made a conscious decision.

He happens to be in a wheelchair.  He happens to be on oxygen.  He CHOSE to put her life in jeopardy because he wanted to die.  He chose to drive 100 miles an hour the wrong way up interstate 480.  He chose to drive that pickup truck into her compact car.  He chose.  Even if he was depressed and mentally impaired, he chose.

He killed her.

It has nothing to do with him being disabled.  NOTHING but the fact that he couldn’t handle whatever caused his disability.

You can’t generalize the choices of one person to an entire group of people.  That is neither logical nor rational.

My heart breaks for the family of this beautiful young woman who was working to better herself, who was a good friend and a wonderful sister/daughter/granddaughter.  Nothing is worse than loosing a child.

He will be ineligible for parole until 20 full years have passed.  He will be about 70 if he lives that long.

I hope I never have to sit judged by the people commenting on this post.  I hope I never find myself so bitter and judgmental that I ever make blanket statements about a group of people, any group of people, based entirely on the actions of one or even a few.

It is the case that all dogs are mammals and all mammals are animals that have fur, therefore all dogs are animals that have fur, it is not the case that everyone on oxygen is a murderer.

I’m sorry.  It’s been a really really bad day and I have little patience for blanket intolerance.

love and light




One response to “Criminally Represensible

  1. It has been my experience that they do not understand it either. My focus is forgive, but never forget.


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