The Warm-up before the next freaking cold

It is way warmer today than it has been in over a week.  We actually are breaking freezing and tomorrow we are supposed to hit 56.  It’s a scary heatwave. Just enough for people to start getting sick again.

That said, I’m sitting in my office at work freezing because for some reason the heat doesn’t actually work that well here.  That, and there is a breeze coming through the window, so any heat that there is gets chilled out by the cold creeping in.

The weather change has not been good to me.  My ankle woke me up last night hurting about an 8.5 and nothing I did, no change in position or even raising the foot of the bed helped much.  Today I can walk but it still aches.  My hands joined the fray on my way into work and they have been whining for the last few hours too.  I hate when the barometric pressure changes.  I don’t enjoy subfreezing weather any more than I like the really really hot humidity of central Texas but it is way less bothersome of the schmutz that happens just picks one place to be for an extended period of time and stays there.  That way my body can settle on one thing to deal with and be content there.

Tomorrow 56
Friday temps dropping all day and up to 18 inches of snow by mid day Saturday… and in the teens again.

So now I’m sitting here with my fingerless glovies on with tiger balm on my ankle and both hands, I’m wrapped in my wool shawl, and drinking hot tea and things are currently tolerable.

For me, today is a decent day.

For bear, today is a decent day.

He went and got shiny new tires on his car, the kind that take nitrogen because he likes that kind better.  It made me smile when he went because he was thinking that it was pointless to get decent tires when he’s going to just die anyway.  He listened when I told him that it matters that his car is safe and even his new doctor doesn’t believe he’s doing as badly as he is worried he is doing.  Now his car is safer and I think he is feeling a little more positive.

I’m worrying about other people in my family.  I’m worrying about my extended family.  I’m worrying about my sister from another mister, and her family, too.

I get how people feel when they get something that is hard to deal with. It breaks my heart to see how Bear feels when no one seems to want to be bothered with him. He wonders where he failed.  I hope that getting into Pulmonary Rehab will help him.  Getting out and about helps him to not dwell on things as much.

Me… I think getting back to the gym and pushing until the endorphins kick in might be a good thing.

love and light


4 responses to “The Warm-up before the next freaking cold

  1. Worrying won’t make you any happier.. Sorry Auntie, things change, people change. Sometimes it’s for the best


  2. You have an email address I can contact you through? Send it to my mom


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