Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Not Ruined My Life

I’m sitting here 1. marking time at work before I go present my presentation on Email Etiquette and 2. Listening to Way of the Peaceful Warrior.  It is a fascinating book.

RA Guy posted on Facebook a message that reached out to me…

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that we will ever feel any better.  But we must never lose hope of such a thing happening.  because with perseverance, determination, consistency, and a (wicked) sense of humor, chances are that we will indeed reach the place we’ve always wanted to be. ~RA Guy

As I contemplate trying to get more fit, trying to prepare for another half marathon (the last I completed was Bear’s last half… Presque Isle half… ) my thoughts race and quiet at the same time.  This message came at a perfect time.

Someone commented on the post.  That comment really struck me hard.  It made me sad but I guess it spoke volumes.

The comment suggested that the life had been ruined by RA.
Lost Kids
Lost relationships with the opposite sex
Inability to wear sexy shoes
Can’t ride a bike or horse
can’t sleep
Lost Lost Lost
Can’t Can’t Can’t

I have RA, RA doesn’t have me.  I’m closing in on 4 weeks since my last infusion.  My hands hurt.  I’m working on training… I ache.  Since 2009 I’ve learned a lot about the things that I can’t do or that I have lost but there are a lot of things that I haven’t lost and that I can do.  It’s important that I hold on to those things.

I pray that I never get to the point where all I can focus on are the things that are bad in life.


One response to “Rheumatoid Arthritis Has Not Ruined My Life

  1. I agree with RA guy. We fight for health. Yes we may never get it, but I will never stop fighting for it. Never.


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