Well, wow… now I really have to work hard…



Just… wow…

I have been actively trying to win an entry into the Cleveland half marathon (or marathon or whatever) since I read “Running With a Police Escort” and found out that the race ambassadors have a free entry to give away to their followers on social media… and once I knew I would be “running” Disney next February.

I couldn’t justify the cost of entry at the highest entry point for the race… but free?  Oh, I can totally do free.


The week ending last weekend, I tried winning a race entry.

And lost

This week, I tried winning a race entry… and this time I won!!!

Bear and I were on our way to the gym when the notification came across on Instagram that I was tagged in a post.  I was tagged… and I won.  AND I found out that not only can I one of the races… I can enter the challenge series… I can enter either the 5k on Saturday and the 10k on Sunday…. or the 8k on Saturday and the half on Sunday.   (I can also enter the 8k and the full marathon… but I’m TOTALLY not there yet)

So… I know I can do the 8k (since that is what I’m doing on Saturdays at the gym anyway right now)… I’m trying to decide if I have enough time to train enough to finish the half on Sunday when my current Sunday distance is just shy of 7 miles.  I think I can.  I think it is worth pushing a little for.  I’ve never taken 4 hours to finish a half, not even the horribly hot humid miserable one at Presqueisle a couple years ago… so I think I’m going to sign up for the challenge that includes the half.

It’s going to mean tinkering a little bit more than I already have with my infusion schedule… pushing April out a week longer than it currently is so I can get a May infusion in (I was going to skip May all together in an attempt to tinker with February’s infusion…. but I totally think this is doable).  55 days till the half.

So… I didn’t eat much before the gym today.  I planned on between 5 and 6 miles on the treadmill.  Once I found out I won, I pushed it up to between 6 and 7.  I did 6.5 before I got incredibly light headed and decided to err on the side of caution.

Before the gym this morning, I decided to try to dedicate my runs (my walk very fasts) to trying to raise money for Pulmonary Fibrosis research.  Bear might not be able to be in the races with me, but he’s going to come to Cleveland to cheer me on in May.  I miss him walking the races with me and this way I can keep him on my shoulder while I work to finish.  Once I have a place set up to donate to the Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation, I’ll let everyone know where it is.  I want to try to set back enough money to try to get a couple shirts from their store so I can raise awareness.  May in Cleveland might be chilly enough for the long sleeved shirt… and I can use the shirts for all of my races this year if I get a long and one or two short sleeved ones.

Day 5 on weight watchers…

I’m making soup… beef stock for everyone else… turkey stock for me.  I’m getting my head around using the points and not passing out on long ‘run’ days.  I have accumulated 88 of the 60 weekly fitness points I’m supposed to get for the week so I figure I’m a little ahead of the game and I’m way over estimating the points I’ve been consuming today.  Tomorrow is my first weigh in day.


The nuthatches have slowed down on the nesting material today.  Momma is flying in and out of the bird house but she’s not really been taking anything of any size in with her.  The nest must  be at the ‘put the softer pieces where the eggs will be” part.


Brother of mine is in ICU (day four).  Ketoacidosis… pneumonia… they are trying to get his O2 stable as well as his sugar.  I keep on sending good thoughts… healing thoughts… prayers… his way… mom’s way… the family’s way.


Love and light



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