Hope Springs Eternal

With all of the noreasters this past month… and all of the snow that is still in my front yard… I’m starting to think that winter will never ever end. This afternoon… after 5 miles on (yet again) the treadmill I’m sitting at my desk watching the world go by outside of my window… and… what to my enjoyment… I found new neighbors setting up housekeeping.

The bird house was put up late last summer. It stood empty because… well… birds don’t usually nest in late summer and fall in Ohio.

I was wondering if anyone was going to take up residence in the little house on the tree…

And much to my delight

It appears that I have my new neighbors moving in and setting up housekeeping.
Sometimes the pieces they bring in don’t fit through the hole, but mostly they do.

And sometimes when they don’t tenacity prevails and they cram them through the hole anyway.

The groundhog may have underestimated how much winter was left…

But I’m thinking spring might be coming after all.



Happy Saturday

Love and Light




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