Taking A Day Off

When I work during the week, I run ridiculously early in the morning.  My whole run (between 2 and 3 miles on average) is done in the dark.  The birds are up singing but it is dark.  The moon is pretty and sometimes I get to see the deer in streetlights or headlights but that’s about all of the variety.  Add in I usually take roughly the same route and you get a bit of boredom.

I took a vacation day today (mom’s coming up for a visit) so I had the luxury of being able to go out for a run after dawn.  It was incredible.

You can tell that the deer in the next door neighbor’s yard was REALLY scared of me going by.  She actually wandered off after a couple minutes of watching me watching her.  I do wish they would stop eating my hostas though.  

Running in the daylight shows just how much we actually finally are into spring.  As I ran, I could smell the hyacinths as I passed yards and I was actually probably overdressed with my hoody on.  But it felt so good to be outside in the daylight. I forgot my buff, too so I was pretty sweat soaked by the time I hit the front porch.  

Sunrise was gorgeous this morning.  It was red and bright.  It’s not supposed to rain so the whole Sailor Take Warning deal is probably stupid but it might tomorrow… 

Past mile 2 this morning there are yards just full of flowers.  You can smell them in the damp morning air but you can actually see how pretty they are in the daylight.

I think I will be okay for the February challenge.  I nailed just over a 14 minute mile this morning on average and that was with pausing for pictures and the three minute warm up.

As I did my morning thing this morning, I remembered when I was doing kind of the same thing in Texas and how oblivious I was to RA.  I knew there were days when I just couldn’t manage to get past the end of the driveway without just laying down in the front yard and doing nothing but looking up at the stars.

Right now, I’m starting to kind of worry about the other shoe falling because I’m at 5 weeks from my last infusion.  I should hurt way worse than I do.  Don’t get me wrong… I ache.. my fingers hurt and I’ve got places in my knee that poke at me to keep me honest… but I should feel worse than I do.  I hope that I don’t end up crashing and burning in the middle of the race…


Love and Light


2 responses to “Taking A Day Off

  1. Rick Phillips

    What is it with deer and hostas? I think aide from corn that is the second favorite meal. Yes, corn is the first favorite at least in Indiana where we grow more feed corn soybeans. Well slightly more and we grow lots of soybeans.

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