2018 Cleveland Marathon Weekend 8k Race Recap…

Well… day 1 (the 8k portion) of my challenge series weekend is done.  The sun is back to shining and it isn’t even noon yet.  Hard to believe… but there it is…

Race day?  Epic

Had to be downtown Cleveland by 7 am.  The race was to start at 8.  Despite feeling shitty and it being windy and cold and humid and rainy (kind of) bear made it to watch.  I was really glad that he was there to cheer me on, even though I know that he would much rather have been in it with me if he could have been.P5191112.jpg

The race started on time with a cheer and a shuffle.  It was a pleasant surprise.  What was just as awesome is that I crossed the starting line about one minute after the “gun”.  Bear and squirrel both snagged pictures of me heading through the starting line.  That was kind of awesome, because I totally wasn’t going to spend $80 on race pictures.

The pre-race, for me, was kind of interesting.  I’ve done Disney race… I’ve done several others… I’ve done Austin multiple times… this was kind of neat.  The starting corrals were the finish line only backwards.    It was interesting walking past the medals and post-race snacks on your way through to the start.

Most of the race was in places I have walked or driven before.  Yay for driving downtown and knowing where I’m going.  There was some interesting new places though and I loved some of the buildings/doors that I passed by.

It always makes me feel kind of weird that I’m one of the only one that is doing the race completely solo.  I pass, or am passed, by people running together in twos and threes and more… there aren’t many of us (or not many that I notice) that are doing the race solo.  I’t one of the reasons that I run with a bell (or bells) so I can remind myself that I am in this for the long haul and I’m all good.


When you are towards the back of the pack, you don’t get to see many people on the sidelines cheering… there was actually only one that I saw today (but then it was “just” an 8k) but that one was EPICALLY Awesome!!! “May The Course Be With Your” was at the top of the last hill and a most welcome sight.

And… at one hour and 4 minutes… I crossed the finish line.  My chip time said I did a 12 minute 50 second minute mile for the 5 miles I ran today (and I honestly did do almost consistently a 2 minute walk and 30 second run).  I don’t expect to be able to maintain that tomorrow, but so far I did PR my mile time and I’m hoping to PR my tomorrow half marathon time.

I did it.

And I don’t feel like my hips are going to fall off… My knees and feet feel pretty good (much better after a hot bath)… and my omelette I made me after we got home was incredibly wonderful.

I feel frighteningly good.

More to come tomorrow!!!

Love and light


2 responses to “2018 Cleveland Marathon Weekend 8k Race Recap…

  1. Rick Phillips

    Hey next year come over to Indianapolis and join us for the Indy 5K (https://www.indymini.com/) we are way more fun than Cleveland.

    Liked by 1 person

    • alicorndreams

      It’s kind of a long drive for thee miles… but maybe the mini-marathon! It looks like fun and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been in Indy for more than a drive through.


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