Hydaway… nifty new water bottle

This is an endorsement… but it is one on a product I bought deliberately and will buy again.

Back in 2015 there was a really cool product on kickstarter and I remember watching their ‘ad’ and thinking that it was going to be an amazing product.

Skip forward to last week when I was attending a geek conference here in town and I saw someone I knew carrying… a wicked cool silicon collapsible water bottle… the same one I saw on kickstarter in 2015 but this time up close and personal.

I watched her through the sessions and it seemed to be convenient… light weight… and best of all nifty cool looking.  So I asked about her bottle and found out that I was like the third person that day who had asked.

It’s the Hydaway (and it comes in some nifty colors).  I would have liked to have gotten purple, but Amazon didn’t have it in purple… BRIGHT pink… BRIGHT green were both available.  Black and two different shades of blue were not.

I am trying desperately to be healthier and drink more water (64 oz a day at least) so anything that can keep me drinking is a good thing.  This thing is light weight, has a lid that you can clip a carabiner to or that you can easily carry on one finger.  It doesn’t taste like anything so no metal taste no plastic taste.  It’s top rack dishwasher safe.  And it collapses to not quite 1 1/2 inches so I can stick it in my backpack, my pocket or my flip belt to take with me everywhere.

It’s light enough (and squishy enough) that it doesn’t hurt my hands carrying it or drinking out of it.  Even when my hands are screaming I can grip the bottle and make sure that I’m staying as hydrated as I possibly can.   I’m not sure about other people with arthritis/RA/Fibro/hand issues, but I know that this is going to be my go-to water bottle because it DOESN’T hurt and I CAN squeeze water out of it even on my shittier days.  At $22 it was about the cost of some of the double walled steel bottles (which I have to admit are neat in a hot car at 4:00 when the water is still cold… but which are way heavier and I’m way less likely to carry one around with me.

It’s neat that you can push the bottom up as you empty the bottle (or so you only put in half the water and it sits on a wide flat base) or you can pull it the whole way up.

And it is definitely a conversation starter.

I didn’t try using it in my weekend races because I hadn’t trained with it and didn’t want to get frustrated… but… I’m going to start training with it and I think it is going to go with me in my future races.  I have yet to use it with my Nuun, but I’m thinking that might be next.

Just saying…
Love and Light
April Joy


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