Running in the Rain

I’ve decided I have gone completely around the bend.  I’m a hopeless case.  Hang it up…. just figure it out as you go…

That said… yeah… it was a neat morning run.

It was entirely too warm and humid to be a fabulous run… and about 3/4 of a mile in I reminded myself that is is my race and MY pace and I don’t NEED to double my ‘run’ interval over night just to meet someone else’s idea of where I should be.  I tried to do 1 minute walk one minute run (up from 35 seconds run 45 seconds walk) and I made myself physically ill trying to do it.  I can’t make that jump yet.  I will get there (actually I’m planning on bettering that) but I’m not there now and I won’t be any time REALLY soon.  I realized that I’ve come pretty far already and it’s okay to be where I am and it’s okay to up my run intervals when I know MY body is ready for the jump.

So I switched my timer back to my 35/45 intervals and finished my run.  I walked more than I should have but with the heat and humidity it was okay even in MY head to do that.  And I finished.

I finished shortly after it started to rain.

I was wearing my head light (4:30 am is really dark even with a few street lights) and, when the rain started, the amazing white raindrop streaks danced in the light beam.  You don’t actually see drop by drop, you see streaks where the drop is falling through the light.  The streaks sparkle.  It is neat but it is also very distracting.

I’ve discovered that beef jerky is an incredible post run (mid run) food.  It’s only got between 1 and 3 Weight Watchers points for three strips (roughly 1 oz).  As a result, I’m looking at possibly this weekend trying my hand at making some jerky.  I am looking up some neat recipes for spice mixes and figuring out how long to smoke them in my pellet grill.  It seems like a good project to work on while I am working on a significant upgrade at work.  There are definite benefits to working in IT (you can work from anywhere any time) but at the same time drawbacks (you can work from anywhere any time).


Love and Light



One response to “Running in the Rain

  1. WW is a great program – I am down about 60 Lbs so far. Good luck.


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