It’s The FinalStraw!

So, Back umpteen months ago, I saw something on the neatest kickstarter thing I had ever seen (given the fact that I look in terror at dirty restaurant tables, pop machines, silverware, elevator buttons and door knobs) . FinalStraw, by Final. I am finally the proud owner!!!

While saving the planet is one of the flags I wave (and when I say things like that, I remember someone I used to work with told me that I had an awful lot of flags that I wave) and FinalStraw is marketed and sold as one amazing way to cut down on the use of plastic straws, these things are amazing for way more than “just” saving our planet.

These straws fold up into a case that is hand width long. It works great as a key chain. It fits in a pocket or purse or backpack (even in my running belt). This straw is within my control. I can wash it and dry it in it’s personal drying case and squeegee it with the built in squeegee (it wraps around the bottom of the holey drying strainer that comes with the straw). I don’t have to think about who might have not washed their hands before they touched it. I don’t have to worry about what has crawled around on it or coughed on it or whatever on it.

Remembering that I am immuno-compromised is a constant. Knowing I can safely use this straw eases my mind frequently. Being convenient sized helps. I even love that the liner of the metal keeps me from burning my lips if I happen to use it in coffee that is a little hotter or freezing my lips if it is a little colder than I anticipate.

It’s a little pricey but it is SO worth it for the peace of mind of helping myself as well as the planet. And I don’t have to worry about the funky chemicals that might be involved!!

Love and Light


One response to “It’s The FinalStraw!

  1. Oh I love it.


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