Oh for convenience sake

I get it… I really actually do. Hotels need to save that extra $2 a room that they probably spend a night on things like individually bottled shampoo, individual soaps… whatever. They usually couch it in such a way that it is for the environmental impact.

Maybe… more likely the PR for saying it is and for the bottom line. Companies don’t tend to spend EXTRA money so often if it is simply for the environmental impact.

I get it. Don’t necessarily like it (especially if I’m wanting to wash out something in the sink and don’t want to use the two tiny makeup remover pads that they do provide) but I get it.

What I don’t get is product placement. They have a really nice long bath tub. They have really nice hot water. They have product that is pretty decent quality and smells nice. And it is bolted to the wall at (as Adam would put it) boob level. Really? THAT is where you put it?

If I’m going to shower, that’s freaking awesome. All I have to do is BEND my little arm and poof… shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.

I ache a lot of days. While we are on vacation, I ache a lot more (shore muscles more actually than my joints usually but it’s all there). When I ache (or when I just simply can not get warm as was the case last night) I take a hot bath and soak for a bit in the tub.

Aaaannnnddd…. think about this…

If I want to bath, and the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are 4 feet off the ground… I have to stand up to get the shampoo…. sit down… stand up to get the conditioner… sit down… stand up to get the shower gel…

For me, it’s annoying. It’s inconsiderate.


Bear (thank goodness) prefers a shower. He’s okay with where they are. But if you have issues like me or like someone who likes to bath but has IPF and they oxygen drops when they stand up or like someone who has problems making the transition from stand to sit to stand to sit to stand to sit…

There is a DELIGHTFUL soap dish carved into the wall at eye level when you are sitting in the tub… so obviously someone somewhere when the place was being renovated still assumed that a bath might occur in the bath tub.

There has to be some kind of happy medium here.

You know… if you put the caddy bolted to the wall at hip level for someone standing, it would still be pretty convenient to someone showering to reach. True, you probably would have had to move it to the side wall where there isn’t actually a ‘help me up’ bar anyway but it isn’t that inconvenient to put it there. No… put it way up the wall because the nice comfy tub will probably never get used anyway… people only ever shower and the tub is really only there for show (apparently).

I can see this trip turning into some kind of soapbox… but… yeah…

Love and Light


One response to “Oh for convenience sake

  1. I was in a room in NYC recently and I thought the same thing. I do not mind the arrangement, but the placement is so difficult sometimes. It was not the best for certain.


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