Enjoying the moment

Good morning (or good whatever it is where you are when you read this). It’s a quiet morning. I needed this morning more than I realized. For the first time in a while I feel centered and calm. Coffee has been consumed. Dogs have been fed, walked, and watered and they are carrying on hight right now. And I’m… sitting.

Saturday I have a half marathon that I am totally not ready for. I will finish. I will finish decently. But I am not ready. My body is not ready (doing a half the weekend before infusion day is difficult to say the least. My knee is complaining. My hands feel wrong. I know it’s time for orencia. I will finish. I won’t finish well, but I will finish.

Today is Squirrel’s knee surgery. I hope they fix it better… more right… this time. It’s hard watching her hurt. It’s irritating knowing that this is the THIRD surgery on the same knee for the same problem. It bothers me that they can’t seem to get this right. It bothers me that they can’t seem to fix what the problem is and help her not hurt, not be swelly, not…just not. I’m thinking that, if the stupid Clinic can’t fix this, maybe switching hospitals might help. The only thing is, she really likes her neurologist.

I need to do more of this. I need to do more of finding the few quiet minutes to just be and to just… be, and enjoy the moments. I needed this morning more than I realized.

Love and Light


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