Rain, go figure

Sitting at my desk in the quiet. Windows are open (only one day did we need the AC so far this year… it’s almost JULY and the windows are still wide open) and I’m listening to the rain.

I’m so sick of rain. I’m tired of being able to float ducks in the back yard and having a house full of mud. I’m really over the mud. I would love an entire week (maybe even just three whole days) when it doesn’t rain, when there isn’t a flash flood watch/warning/advisory… when my world isn’t soggy and achey.

But… If wishes were horses… and it’s all fodder for the grist mill of my brain.

… time passes

the drive to work didn’t suck too bad

and… I didn’t get soaked walking from the parking lot to work (and I logged the .75 miles for the walk).

It’s nearly what should have been my infusion day. I’m feeling like it should be nearly my infusion day. Not so much. I have “Lean” training next week on the infusion day. So… yeah… not… Instead it’s going to be on the 3rd. Not as bad as it’s been… but… not comfy…

I’ve been struggling with a book that I thought I could write but it turns out not only do I think I can’t do the book, I think I don’t WANT to do the book. The company keeps telling me I need to just work on it at my own pace (instead of 50 pages every 2 weeks)… blah blah blah… but I don’t feel right about this book. I’m kind of done with it. I’m not great with saying no I can’t do something. This time, though, it is going to stick. They can play dumb but I don’t believe in the project.

I have a project that I do believe in. One that calls to me insistently. I’m working on “Life is a Marathon”… I read “Run the Mile You’re In” and it wasn’t what I needed to read… can’t find the book I need to read… so I’m working on writing it.

I’m tired. I’m stressing and really really tired. I can’t wait till I get my infusion…

Love and Light


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