Akron Great Pumpkin Run Review… Just my race

Yesterday was the Great Pumpkin Run in Akron. I have to say that, despite the fact that I absolutely hate the last (very stupidly pinched) half mile… it is one of my favorite local races.

That said, yesterday’s was particularly difficult… at least for me.

Starting out, the race starts on the street… LAST year it was the whole street. Yesterday, same street… but this time, only one lane was actually open (there is an obscene amount road work going on in Akron). For me, that really wouldn’t have been an issue but for the assholes who run races and don’t give two shits about race/running etiquette, don’t care that there are… you know… OTHER people (well… actually… there are just hurdles who make you look good) who shove you out of the way it seemed to be an issue.

I did the race as One Tough Pumpkin… carrying a pumpkin for the run. Mine was about 1 pound. It wasn’t even much of an effort… given I crocheted myself a fancy pumpkin carrier.

It was 39 degrees at race start.

I wore my running gloves at the start. I love those gloves.

It was a hard race for me. I have had a cough for about three weeks. It eases up but it comes back. The cold… the effort… it made the cough worse. It made the run hard. I planned on my 30-30 run-walk-run splits. It held for about the first mile. Then I couldn’t maintain any longer.

I wanted to beat myself up. I really did. But I’ve gotten to the point where I am starting to be more gentle with myself. I ran when I could. I only stuck a few 30 second runs in any mile, but I spliced in some runs. And I absolutely loved the run. The leaves are actually starting to turn. The reflections in the lake. It was a really nice run and I felt really good when I finished. Got both my medals. Got my “free pumpkin” but totally didn’t feel like dealing with the immense line for the apple cider.

It was a good race even if my chest and throat hurt from coughing by the time it was done. The banana was much welcome, as was the coffee on the way home.

I haven’t been running lately.

I haven’t been pushing myself, or taking care of myself nearly as well as I should be.

I need to stop that and get my focus back.

Love and Light


One response to “Akron Great Pumpkin Run Review… Just my race

  1. I rode my bicycle the last two days. both days in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range. Beautiful both days


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