Happy New Year 2020

Today is the first page of my next 365 pages. Today, I start 2020 feeling like a failure. I know I’m not. I get it. I totally get it, but it’s the way I feel so it is in some sense a reality in my mind.

This week I start paying for Weight Watchers again as a subscription. I have been failing epically at trying to go to studio once a month and only paying $15 a month. I found out that, if I go every week, I have to pay every week until I get back down. It is just more practical for me to work my way beck down to 150 (lower) the way I succeeded. It’s cheaper and more successful for me.

Today starts me 2020 adventure in trying to get fitter, healthier, in a better place in my head.

My word for the year is Joy. I need desperately to cling to joy… to find joy… to focus on joy.

2019 was a rocky year
I believe that 2020 will be at least as rocky as 2019 was but I have to find a way to cling to myself.

I start this year determined to put in 2020 miles in 2020.
I will spend 1000 hours outside
I will get to 130 pounds
I will find the sunshine in the cloudy days and pull myself through.

I invite you to keep me accountable. I invite you to accompany me in my adventure.

April Wells
January 1 2020
Happy 2020


3 responses to “Happy New Year 2020

  1. April,

    You are not a failure. You had a pause. Pauses are acceptable. I knwo you can do it.

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  2. In my head I know I can do it
    I still feel like a failure.
    BUT… I’m not giving up


  3. Try not to let this feeling ruin your goals! I know how it’s difficult to get rid of such thoughts but you will feel much better when you do this.

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