A Week of “Vacation”

It’s already the 12th. I have not been to work since about Christmas. My plants are likely not happy with me at all. I hope I haven’t killed them off completely.

I took off so I could work on Palliative Care prepping the house. Cleaning. Putting things away that have accumulated in all the wrong places. Cleaning up after the nasty ass cat that has sequestered himself in the bedroom. Getting ahead of and staying ahead of the laundry… the dog prints on the floors… the dishes…. my weight… putting in some decent miles on the treadmill…


Epic failure on those fronts.

I accomplished exactly none of what I set out to do.

That said, what I did get done was dismantle, paint, remodel 90% of three bathrooms. One is completely done (didn’t rip up the tile but that is all that I didn’t do in there. One is 90% done (still need to get in the vanity and install it… and put in a couple fixtures still… a towel rack… toilet paper holder…). One is either 85% done or 65% done depending on whether or not we decide we are going to rip out the vanity in that bathroom… or rip out the vanity top in that bathroom… or just replace the sink bowls. The walk in tub (yes, I know that will destroy the resale value of the house. I don’t care) will be in in a couple weeks. The rest remains to be seen. I figure shopping will happen today.

I have paint for the kitchen… but I need to strip wallpaper off in there first. That will probably be over the weekends in February.

I am absolutely exhausted right now. I’m looking forward to going back to work so I can not do physical labor for a bit.

Tomorrow (maybe today) starts my training plan for the next bunch of races. Bear bought me a treadmill. He bought “us” a treadmill but he and I are really the only ones who have used it much and I’m not sure I see that changing any time soon.

This year I’m already scheduled for…
The Cleveland 10k/Half challenge
The Medina half (the following weekend)
I’m looking forward to signing up for…
The Amish Country Half (sign up Feb run Sept)
The Christmas Story House 10k
The Mentor Marathon (if I sign up before July it is only $26.20… I can kind of justify that amount if I take into account the fact that I quite possibly could fail and if I do I’m only out $30 not $130).

It’s quiet right now and I’m way late at getting started on anything and I’m involved in thinking and doubts and fears. The doubts and Fears are what is going to get me in the end. I need to busy myself enough to not listen to them. But they are always there.

I need to be here (literally… here on figmentoffitness.com and here mentally) and stay accountable. I need to get back down to my goal weight (not un-do-able but I’m worried about that too). I need to come to grips with so many things in life. I’m likely going to be brain dumping and venting and I don’t know how to help that.

I’m the Mary Sunshine one.

I’m the one that is supposed to be upbeat and positive and motivational and I don’t know how to do that right now. But on the up side… I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s ass and I’m definitely keeping it real.

Tie a knot, folks. It may be a bumpy ride… but at least I’m back to finding myself again.

Love and Light


One response to “A Week of “Vacation”

  1. I tied a knot almost 43 years ago. It is a bumpy ride, but it is the best ride around. Oh different knot?


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