Life during Covid 19, a whole new semi-normal

It’s an incredibly scary time we are living through right now. As one of the “fragile”, “vulnerable” people who are most susceptible to Covid 19, it is scary. For someone who loves someone who is even more fragile and vulnerable (and scared) it is even more so.

I find myself with a whole new kind of normal and I’m not entirely sure how to feel about some of it. I’m really enjoying being able to work from home. I love being able to scruff the dogs whenever I’m feeling really off. I’m enjoying being able to get a lot of work done without anyone actually doing a drive by. I completely enjoyed my virtual weight watchers meeting this morning.

Never in my life did I think I would be “one of those people” who sign up for food delivery for human food. I mean, I use Chewy all the time for pet stuff but human food? This morning at the WW meeting someone espoused the wonders of misfits market (the not so pretty but oh so organic produce service) and gave out their code for a 25% discount on ‘your first order’. They have some interesting food that they are filling the boxes with this week (gold beets, leaf broccoli, bok choy, fennel and rainbow carrots are just a few). I signed up. I ordered “The Madness” box (18 – 22 pounds of produce) to be delivered every other week.

You have the choice of “The Mischief (10 – 13 pounds of food) or “The Madness” (18 – 22 pounds) and either one delivered every week or every other week… cancel any time… you can look and see what you are likely to get with your order before it ships. You can skip orders if you want… I am kind of liking the idea and the thought of trying to cook some new and interesting stuff.

If you’re interested in trying it, you can use code COOKWME-TD0WPR to save on your first order.

I think I will probably start posting some of what I get and some of what I cook with what I get here because now it looks like I’m going to have some time on my hands after I get ahead of the house.

For now, I have to clean muddy feet prints off the floors and the doors and get in a few extra steps walking around the kitchen island… yay social distancing in 25 degree morning.

Everyone pleas be careful, take care of those you love and be kind to everyone. The rhetoric is really starting to crush my spirit.

Love and Light

Me and my joy tree

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