It’s not fun but it’s right

Training day 1

I have decided that I’m going to make a point. I’ve had it right up to here with the bitching and meaning about how impossible it is to go even to the store with a mask on. It has become a political bitch fest over the right of people to not give a shit about other people. About how it infringes on their rights to expect them to do the one thing that will save lives. It’s so hard!!! Whaaasassaaasaaa.

Bear is on hospice. He has given up much just to survive. I am determined to take as few chances as I can to bring nothing into the house. So, yes I wear one. I wear one when there is any chance I will run into people… especially people who won’t socially distance.

With the increased rhetoric and the increased kvetching I’ve decided to work at Tharp I gotta for The Goofy wearing a mask. I’m going to chronicle myself not passing out cold or dead wearing a mask pushing my physical limits. I will honestly discuss what I find.

Today is day 1

Mask is a vented mask I got. It has a filter. It’s smooshy.

Workout… 48 min on treadmill along the Hudson River.

Have to admit… I don’t love the mask. The filter sticks to my face. The plastic vents rub funny. Next time I use it, I’m going to wear a cotton mask under it to prevent the rubbing. Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the mask. It’s Mickey! But… it just doesn’t fit right.

I have discovered that my nose runs (I knew that) when I ‘run’ and with this mask you have to pull it down to wipe your nose. Not ideal. Hoping that the cotton liner I use next time will make a difference there, too.

I’m thinking that I would like to work with someone designing a mask for running. I have a hunch it would be a money maker. In the mean time I think I will review designs as I go too.

Am I leaving myself open to a crap ton of snark? Yeah, probably. I guess I’m going to grow a thick skin. It may end up meaning I not only unfollow but unfriend and block people. I guess this adventure will prove a lot… in a lot of ways.


Love and light




One response to “It’s not fun but it’s right

  1. Rick Phillips

    oh I had to do a curb side pick up at Lowes two days ago. As I sat in my car waiting and waiting and waiting I learned tow things. No one else wears masks, and sitting in the pick up lane makes people angry with you.

    I mean like why? Do i really deserve to be harassed because i wear a mask? Apparently so.


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