The Little Things

There are just times when something small and seemingly insignificant makes you stop and realize that you are doing something you are meant to do.


Signs from the universe?

God Winks?

Building my little free library has been an amazing experience to me. Everything has just fallen into place so completely perfectly. Everything has fallen into place a little too easily. It’s scary. I catch myself doubting myself.

I catch myself listening to the voice that says this is going to fail… this isn’t going to work… the voice of doubt. Listening to that voice isn’t a good thing.

And then something happens to make me stop and believe despite the voices.

This week I was gifted two buildings that were 85% done along with the lumber to finish them and several boxes of books. It looks like the family that started to build a library and decided against it got a BUNCH of books from a library book sale. There are hardback books and paperback books and adult books and kids books… over a hundred books.

It was incredibly overwhelming.

Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap went through my mind.

Then I started to look through the boxes. Buried in the MIDDLE of one of the boxes was a little book.

This book.

It is a bunch of Christmas quotes (why is Joy only supposed to be for Christmas??) or quotes that have pictures of winter scenes next to it.

“You have to sniff out joy, keep your nose to the joy-trail. ~Buffy Sainte-Marie

That quote is an awesome quote in an of itself. But it is coupled with two deer in the snow with a frame of holly.

Joy is joy no matter when you find it or where! Yeah, sometimes you have to hunt. I guess in the dead of winter it must be harder to find. But finding “Joy” things in not Christmas season is ridiculously difficult.

BUT… back from that rabbit trail…

This book was buried in the geographic center of one of the boxes… face up… just waiting to be found. Just waiting for me to find it. Just waiting to remind me that I am doing good.

Sometimes you just need a gentle nudge to remind you… this was mine.

Last night was another.

Someone posted on the Facebook page I created for the library that she had donated two books to the library. And they fit!!! I was really glad there was enough room.

I went to look at her profile and found out that she has several of the same friends I do from work. She lives two blocks from me (maybe three… they are really weird blocks) and she has several of the same friends from work. Turns out she works with me and is in the women’s club with me and I didn’t even know that someone from work lived that close by.

It’s really a small world.

She walks her dog past my house almost every night.

One of the books she put in (Dog Crazy) reminded me that I needed to bag up a few dog treats in baggies so people who stop by can treat their dogs as much as themselves. I know MY dogs would love as much to chew up the books as they would have the treat but… mine are just not so well behaved. Have to treat them, too!

Love and Light


One response to “The Little Things

  1. These little libraries are the best. i think dog treats are a great idea. I ran a lender library for several years at work. So much fun.


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