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Graces… 5

It’s Tuesday. Dark clouds chase bright blue patches of sky… tall white towers separate the bright blue from the dark gray.  Right now the back yard has shadows and dimming light patches.  It is fun to watch.  The rainy spots … Continue reading

Graces… 4


1. Phone call from my mom

2. working from home

3. a morning under 70 degrees at dawn

4. A chat with someone I used to work with

5. Free Nook Books



Okay, it isn’t fall like fall at home, but it is finally starting to be fall.  It is Sunday… that means it is time for our walk… home to Walmart (today we bought alcohol and 2 inch gauze pads and … Continue reading


Graces day 2 of 365

Today… these are easy… My “winter” barefoot sandals slash sandal/flip-flop cozies Cutting the grass in my bare feet and it feeling wonderful (despite the fire ants that I pissed off…) Home-made pumpkin spice coffee creamer The tree in the easement … Continue reading