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Just a Hysterectomy

Got your attention, huh? The reaction to that statement seems to be kind of varied. My OB-GYN (who is an AWESOME doctor… I lucked into one with a good bedside manner when I went on a panic stricken hunt for … Continue reading

Bright and Early

Okay, okay, so it isn’t early for me, but it is early for normal people.

I’m up and feeling pretty good this morning.  I feel better knowing that I have my very own prescription for Relpax.  Last week I had a migraine bad enough I was honestly thinking that it might be a good idea to go to the ER.  The word stroke actually went though my mind. It felt like someone had put a balloon in my head, rapidly inflated it as big as it would go with helium (you know the big giant tanks that inflate them really quickly), and after it was nearly to the exploding point, slowly adding more gas a little at a time.  By midnight I was sure I would be staying home from work the next day because driving wouldn’t have been advisable.  I took one of Amandya’s Relpax (they gave them to her for her migraines post seizure) and after about an hour I was able to actually relax into sleep.  By time to get up, I was feeling almost human.

Tuesday I went to see the PCP about taking something stronger than the Excedrin Migraine they suggested.  For some reason those pills really weren’t doing much for me.  They gave me my very own prescription for Relpax.  The pills are pricey but they are so worth it.

Dr suggested that the reason that I’m getting a few more migraines now than I was before is because I’m perimenopausal.  Apparently if you tend to get some migraines, when you start getting to menopause age, they can ramp up for a year or so.  Nice.  At least I have some new pills to add to my repertoire and I can chase them off when I feel them start.

I knew about the night sweats and hot flashes.  No one tells you about the migraines. Someone really should have mentioned it.