Ending the week of a cleanse

Well, Tomorrow is day 7 of my 7 day cleanse.  Oh joy.  This did… not a lot as far as I can tell.  No additional weight loss (which is really what I was hoping for) and not a whole lot in the way of making me feel like I have more energy or anything…

but then, it was a week when i worked almost 30 extra hours more than my “normal” work week… so that might have played into it as well.

Tonight, I sit realizing that if I measure my waist, I’m down to a 32 inch waist and a 23 inch thigh… that is getting better… but I can’t really attirbute that much to the cleanse… that is more just an affect of the weights and the working out.

Sunday I start the first of the 72 pills in the “capsule’s” bottle… I almost hope that doesn’t help either becuase I really don’t want to want to buy more…

Tonight, I drug my roller blades out of the shed to see what those can add to my life again.  I’m still scared to wear them… if they just about did me in at 32, what are they going to do now that I’m 44?  Lord… if I fall I may never be even as not quite normal as I am now…

One thing I know… I don’t rollerblade at 5am… that comes when I know I can get hold of someone if I hurt myself again…

It is nice, though, that I’m starting to notice that I feel better.  I’m able to walk taller and not feel like I’m trying to hid myself from myself and everyone else.  I have noticed that my hawiian shirts are fitting better, they don’t stretch as much over my tummy… they hang almost normally…


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