Am I Crazy? Signing up for the Austin Half Marathon on the Susan Komen team

I’m trying to decide if I’m crazy or not.

Don’t get me wrong… THAT I’m crazy (or at least a little left of center) is a given.  But I’m trying to decide if my lunacy has gotten to the point of being just plain stupid.

I’m signing up for the Valentines Day Austin Half Marathon.  Not only that, I’m signing up to be on the Susan Komen Breast Cancer team.  It means I have to figure out how to raise a lot of money… $1500 (or they will bill my charge card for the balance) but it means I have the support of other women in the area getting ready for the race (and a t-shirt and a technical shirt for race day).

It means that I have to get way more serious with my training.  Weeks when I don’t have the pager, I will have to walk to walmart and back to begin with… after that it will be Lowes and back… to raise my endurance… I have 180 days to get training done.

DH thinks I’m nuts.  13 miles is a long way.  And it is… and it is going to be a lot of work… but I have to prove to myself that I can do this, and I KNOW I won’t be able to make the Princess Half Marathon again this year… I would love to do that one, but somehow every time I try to make plans, OTHER plans come up that will prevent that from happening.

Now, to figure out my cross training days.  I think I will use Tai Chi, at least initially, as my cross training day… or maybe swimming, since the pool will be open year round for me to use… or maybe both.

I guess the 5k will be good practice.  Now I’m glad I signed up as timed for that race.  I may not actually RUN (no, I actually don’t plan on “running” but I do plan on knowing that I can finish the 5k in roughly 45 min to maintain under a 16 min mile).

Interested in my progress?  Probably not… but it might be good for a laugh… I will start diligently documenting my progress here as I go.  Now that the big hairy work at work is pretty much done, I should actually be able to start not only trying to keep up with my workouts but also keep up with my journaling as well.

Anyone else signed up for the Austin Half Marathon (or the full)… let me know.  Maybe we can be moral support.  Same goes for anyone else signed up for the Susan Komen challenge.  I have a feeling I’m going to need all of the moral support I can get!!!


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