Achey Breaky Tuesday

Okay, I have started to not like this game, at all… Man… got up this morning and hurt… everywhere.

Yesterday, I probably should have seen it coming, but I’m still not always remembering that I have RA and sometimes RA hurts when you don’t expect it to and that sometimes it hurts when you should expect it to and that I can sometimes affect when it hurts.

I should have realized and taken steps to try to counteract it ahead of time.

I didn’t.

Yesterday was a forgetful day for my kid.  I don’t know if it is the epilepsy or the meds to treat the epilepsy but she totally zoned out yesterday.  She went from telling me to remind her that she needed to go to tutorials after school to two min later not knowing why she had to go, not knowing she missed a test, not knowing she was failing because she missed the test…. not knowing who the teacher was she missed the test for… not knowing we had a dog…

If it wasn’t her (she just isn’t “with it” enough for long enough to come up with this on her own for 3o min so I don’t think it was her playing and it seems to follow a pattern) then it is something and we need to find the something.

She got caught in a lie… and this lie is a big one for the current situation… and she knows it.

DH was screaming at her.  She was screaming back.  I was trying desperately to get my albuteral out of its box so I could actually breathe.  She thinks everyone except her friends (FRIENDS?  really?  don’t get me started right now) suck totally and she wants to move in with them because we are mean and don’t let her have a life and don’t let her do whatever she wants and we put a roof over her head and provide food she refuses to eat most of the time and provide her with an IPod and a cell phone plan that lets her talk all the time to everyone and surf the net when she wants and go out and put the extra hundred or so dollars to the money she has for clothes to buy her the extra couple pair of jeans just because she wants new jeans… but we are unreasonable because we want her to turn in her homework so she won’t get -0- and fail and we want her to not lie all the time and we expect her to let us know where she is so if she has a seizure we know where to find her…

We are horrible parents.

She thinks “Shadow” has the right idea and that maybe emancipation would be a GREAT thing (at 15… she can’t carry the bowl of peanut butter down the steps when she comes down stairs so we don’t get ants in her room or mice but she is going to go out and get a job and an apartment and handle her own medical situation when OH Hey she can’t drive because of the epilepsy is so new).

So… long rant finally getting to the point.  With all of the drama and the fact that I went down to the park and cried and threw rocks at the creek and cussed under my breath in the rain… this morning I hurt.  My knuckles hurt.  My wrist hurts.  My ankles and toes hurt and my chest hurts… kind of inside breathing kind of hurts.

So, back on the aleve and maybe I will have to cave in and take a prednisone just because I have to drag her butt to the doctor today…


One response to “Achey Breaky Tuesday

  1. It sounds like you’ve had an extra-crummy time lately. ((hugs)) Raising kids sure does try a person’s patience! The memory issue is significant, and probably very frustrating for your daughter. I have a friend with epilepsy, and she told me once how frustrating it was going through school, to stay after class so that the teacher could explain something, then she’d forget it completely and have to go over the exact same lesson the next day, and the next. Good luck at the doctor today. Hang in there!


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