Work From Home Fridays

I love work from home Fridays… especially this time of year.  It isn’t too hot to actually sit outside and it is warm enough for sun tea and birdies singing.  I am wearing one glove because for some stupid reason my body is finding maintaining normal temperature all over something that is not to be done… but for the most part the hoodie (go Mickey Mouse) and the glove are my only indications to the world that I’m freezing this morning.  I’m making the most of the day.

I’ve had a whole pot of coffee this morning (I’ve been working for… 4 hours now) and now I’m watching the clouds dance with the sun.  Disney music ( is streaming from MY laptop on my right and I’m trying to get my databases to behave the way they are supposed to on my work laptop on my left.  I can’t see the birds that are singing… but they are keeping good time to my wind chime.

I like Fridays when it is a work from home day.

Today, it is even better, because it means I don’t have to brave-tolerate SXSW traffic snarls.

It’s funny… people say they can’t get any work done at home (and there are days when I have to agree with the sentiment) but for the most part… I start earlier, don’t have to deal with the drive time hassles… and don’t have to deal with a mess of interruptions to KEEP me from getting things done, and on days like this I can sit on the porch and work and on days that I can’t sit on the porch, I can sit at my desk and look out the window and see outside not other people looking back at me.

It kind of makes up for the fact that I have to take MTX tonight (up to 10 now).

Add to all of that the fact that it is spring break and I get to at least be around my family… and it is a perfect day


One response to “Work From Home Fridays

  1. I love work-at-home days! You’re so right about getting way more done without interruptions (although I also like the interactions at work…). 🙂 Laurie


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