What a Week… It’s Finally Saturday… No Wait… Sunday

It has been an amazingly long and reasonably bad week… but the ending isn’t SO bad (except for the computer part)

Monday was supposed to be work from home day… and my laptop crashed… Hurry up and bath quick, get dressed and haul my butt into work… laptop toast… fixed by Wednesday at the latest.  Okay… cool beans… pager duty starts Thursday so that isn’t bad.  Figured by the way I felt I was coming down with a UTI and was trying to stay mellow and drink lots of water and lots of green tea and cranberry juice…

Tuesday… didn’t feel quite right in the morning but that isn’t overly unusual…. face it… I wake up every day feeling just a little off.  Went to work… actually made some progress… Lunch time I was feeling crappier and decided (rather than LISTEN to my body… duh) to ride the stationary bike at the gym… NOT a great idea… shower… feeling worse and worse… back to work… by 1:30 EVERYTHING hurt.  Welcome to an infection with an auto-immune disease.  LORD this was awful.  It felt like someone had beaten the crap out of me with a baseball bat…. repeatedly… everywhere.  Packed up and went to the car (where I slept in the parking garage for about an hour) and drove home… where I went to sleep and slept until the night got full of raised voices and unhappy people… REALLY didn’t feel like diffusing an argument but I’m really really really glad I did.  I’m also not glad I did because I could have done without some of what I found out… but… hey… you take the good with the bad.  I understand WAY more now than I did before and I think it will end up being a better thing.  The nicest thing was… I got my laptop back from the help desk so I had it in case I needed it.

Wednesday… woke up throwing up… great… worked from home (on the back porch) so I didn’t have to get up and RUN to the bathroom every half hour… A trip to the store for easter candy (I’m so glad I have weird kids who still… at 15 and 18… want to find baskets and hunt eggs… and dye eggs…) and back to work.  It felt so good working on the back porch and I get so much more done when there are fewer interruptions.  I know that isn’t logical (supposed to get more done when they can watch you work) but it is (in my case, at least, true… I get more done because I can put in a concentrated effort and I actually end up working longer AND smarter when I can do it my way… but I’m not a type A or anything… )

Thursday… get the pager… OH BOY!!! eesh…. and Yoga class.  Yoga is SO helping me.  I absolutely love the lady that runs BeaLoveYoga and I want them to keep allowing us to have class at lunch time.  It helps so much… especially when I don’t have to get in the car and haul my butt half way across town (or worse) to attend a class….

Friday was SUPPOSED to be a work from home day… computer crashed again… great… in to work to do my clone (sometimes I love E-Business suite… sometimes not so much).  BUT I got the clone done on time and even ahead of schedule and my computer was back by 1.  I figured I was set for the weekend of pager duty.  DON’T ever assume computers are going to work.  Skinny butt went out with his friends and got back late late.  Making sure he was okay (THIS kid SO can’t drive safely… even on a good day… he scares me)… finding out that 10 MTX sucks and trying to stop the world from spinning.

Saturday (when I actually started this) was a really good day.  Busy but good.  Walked to HEB… colored eggs.. put up 2 tents in the back yard (and actually slept in them)… went swimming (even the coldish water was nice after you got in and moving)…   Sleeping in the tent was great.  Went to sleep listening to trains and traffic down on the big road and an owl somewhere out back.  I usually sleep to inane TV programs that are white noise.  I was PLANNING on falling asleep to music on the computer… I turned it off and just listened.  It was chilly and damp, but Amandyal came out to sleep with me and Peanut came out to sleep with me and it was all good.

And this morning… a cardinal is sitting outside the kitchen window on the fence singing… Amandya is sitting on the floor in the living room with her basket laid out on the floor (surrounded by the wet blankets from the tent) listening to Letters From Home and looking at pictures.  Things have started to really matter to her.  Waking up to rain dripping off the roof and filling up the tent was nice… Waking up to my stupid work laptop being messed up again wasn’t so great… but I got to play hide the easter basket and hide the eggs again which is really good.

My arm hurts a 12 this morning because of the rain but I expected that…

Now… to bake a ham


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