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That’s About The Size, Where You Put Your Eyes

Been humming the old Sesame Street song, That’s About The Size Of It… Here are the lyrics Oh everything comes in its own special size I guess it can be measured by where you put your eyes It looks big … Continue reading


Surprise walk

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Was planning on cleaning the bedroom today… Turned out that didn’t happen again…. but on the plus side we walked an extra time for distance today.  Home to Walmart to buy a few extra padlocks… and gauze pads (using them … Continue reading



It is Sunday afternoon.  There are some mares tales clouds in the sky, it is windy… the cold front (“cold” front) came through.  It is “only” 83 degrees.  Amandya is freezing. I’ve been sitting outside all afternoon and loving it.  … Continue reading

Thinking a lot on a Saturday Afternoon…


9 am took Adam’s teeny tiny laptop to Best Buy to have the cracked monitor screen (horribly cracked) fixed.  It will be at least a couple weeks before it gets back…  time will tell how well it will be fixed or if it will “just” be replaced.

Bent over to pick up the paper after I dropped it… and my back went out.  Hot bath didn’t help a whole lot.  I’m not hurrying anywhere… but if I stay in one position I can do this for the most part.  It should go back in in a couple days.

Psychologist appointment went amazingly well.  He is in the process of moving.  It is sad… he has been in that office as long as we have been here.  It is comfortable and familiar.  Now he is moving.  He told Amandya that he thinks she can scale way back on visits.  The crisis is over and she is gaining control again.  This is a good thing.

Panda Express for lunch… with a McDonalds pitt stop for coffee… mmmmm

Walmart for pills and I got Crochet Nylon… I’m making my own yoga strap.  I know they aren’t very expensive, but I have been wanting one and wanting to be able to customize my own strap… now I am.  I am nearly done with it… it feels good to have the progress and with the help it will give me in my practice and it makes me smile.

Graces Day 9.  September 25, 2010…

1. Pictures from home.  They were wonderful… and they made me smile and made me cry and made me feel so close and so far away.  They are a treasure.

2. Having external validation that Amandya is doing better.

3.  Having Amandya come tell me, for the first time in forever, that she was going to the park by herself.

4. Panda Express

5.  The idea of bringing together some stories that I have inside to bring it to the world…


Graces… 5

It’s Tuesday. Dark clouds chase bright blue patches of sky… tall white towers separate the bright blue from the dark gray.  Right now the back yard has shadows and dimming light patches.  It is fun to watch.  The rainy spots … Continue reading

New Book for an Early Birthday Present

I don’t usually take the money to buy new books from the regular book store.  I have gotten three, I think, in the last year… One on RA, one on Epilepsy and the one that Larry bought me last night.

Yoga for Arthritis The Complete Guide…

Yeah… let’s face it, I’m hooked… I had to smile during the last class at her saying that “this pose” (can’t remember for the life of me now… but I have the audio of it so I should be able to figure it out… ) will get the synovial fluid moving.  I actually laughed at the comment… that is WHY I’m there… to try to get the synovial fluid moving… I got an early birthday present last night when he got me this book… I really like that

1. it tells me how to modify to meet the arthritis needs and what props I can use until (if ever) I can do them without the props… and most of the props are… a towel… the wall… a chair… nothing wild…

2. it tells me under what conditions NOT to do the poses

3. it tells me the purpose of the pose

4. it tells me how to avoid pitfalls (things like… remembering to breathe, open up your shoulders, start slowly… all kinds of things I would probably ignore if I weren’t deliberately reading them…

I absolutely love the chapter on the wrists and hands…

Ever since I fell roller blading (WEAR WRIST GUARDS for anyone who doesn’t know) and broke my arm (radius compound, ulna greenstick… pretty sure that is what started this mess… ten years ago) and my right wrist not working at all right… my wrists and hands have given me issues.  Sometimes better, sometimes worse… Rheumy told me that is why RA settled there so well… it likes boo-boo places like that…

ANYWAY… I love the book… I think I’m going to modify some of the poses and work up my own ideas on them… see where I can make them hurt less when I do them.

Sitting here now, enjoying the reading, the practice and the wonderful smelling breeze coming in through the windows…

Wonderful Day of Contemplation

This morning,  I decided to make soup for dinner (which is an all day thing) and brownies from scratch.  Turned out the soup was better than the brownies… oh well… won’t use that recipe again.

The soup required going to the store for potatoes, cabbage and carrots (as well as bagles, cream cheese, jelly, popcorn and a nice cold drink)… It turns into a 3 mile walk which was wonderful because I got to watch my daughter come back into herself.  She got a little dizzy a couple times, but cutting her Keppra dosage in half to work her way up seems to have had a good affect.  This is the happiest I think she has been in months!  I am wondering how long weirdness has been going on in her brain that we have been attributing to teenage attitude.  I KNOW the attitude will be back… but hey… today was precious.

I have another ingrown toenail which is infected… making it hurt and making my ankles hurt and squishy… but I really needed the walk (even though it meant carrying my laptop on my back in my backpack because it is my pager week).

I was soaking in a nice hot bath when we got home and I realized that a year ago… actually about a year and a half ago… I was at Ren Fest (go TRF) and I was in a great little crystal shop… lots and lots of quartz crystals.  There was one that was three crystals all stuck parallel to each other.  The shop owner wrapped them in silver wire and made a pendant out of them.  She called them the three ladies and she was hoping to find them a healing home where they could help three women.  At the time, I thought of mom, me and Amandya… but I didn’t know why other than mom is a breast cancer survivor (go mom!)…

It was an obscene amount of money for  a chunk of rock that lays around on the ground just about everywhere… but it talked to me… so I bought it and I’ve worn it a few times… it makes my heart smile.

NOW I know why I needed to buy that rock…

Mom is a breast cancer survivor.
I have RA.
Amandya has epilepsy.

I don’t know that it has any actual healing properties… but it brings peace to my soul and that is healing in itself.  I strung it on a chain that came from a dog tag machine and slid it over my head…

Everything happens for a reason.

I keep trying to remember that… my RA is for a reason.  If the only reason is to MAKE me slow down and take stock of myself… at least it has done that.

I wonder what purpose Amandya’s epilepsy has… I know that it has slowed me down even more… and it has caused me to reach out to try to help others with the same or similar problems (and to make friends with the mother of one of Amandya’s friends who is way sicker than both of us put together…  15 with RA, Lupus, blood clots in her brain… she has been in children’s hospital for FIVE weeks…

Every day is another day.  Every day I reach out and try to find the rainbow.  Somedays it is harder than others.  Today, it was a better day than I expected.