It’s Sunday (Walmart, Donuts and 19,147 steps)

Today is Sunday.  Sunday we do an 8 to 8.5 mile walk (usually to Walmart) and back through the park… past the donut shop (Yeah!!!!) and back home.

Today was overcast (actually it tried really hard to rain… even if the “rain” was just a real heavy really fine mist) so the walk was cooler than it might have been otherwise.  The wild flowers were amazing, beautiful and so EVERYWHERE this year….

We bought a couple more $2 technical shirts at Walmart, peanut butter, and got bear’s blood pressure taken (it’s down today from the way high it was yesterday).

In the park today, it was the Women’s Disc Golf Championship…

It meant a different path to our walk, but it also meant getting to see some people who are really REALLY into disc golf.

I haven’t figured out, yet, why you can’t walk on the walking trail… it doesn’t say you can’t walk dead center through the middle of the ‘golf course’ only that you can’t walk on the walking trail.  Interesting.

Got to see some champions who are really amazing at throwing a frisbee…. and some that aren’t so much fantastic.  We never actually saw anyone get the disc in the “hole” but it was interesting to add that to the normal soccer and rugby games that are normal in the park.

The kolache’s are fantastic way to end (or almost end) the walk, and the two donuts I allow myself when I get home were as always a wonderful treat.


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