Wow, what you don’t know

It has been an adventuresome week… an educational week…. and a week full of toys… Tonight I sit on the edge of 10 more MTX enjoying the feeling decent while I still can.

Saturday Amandya had another seizure.  SO… 6 month count down starts again.  I also got poison ivy and a massive headache… go figure.

Sunday’s walk was complete with lavender hand cream… I love the smell of lavender.  It is so calming… my chest was bothering me during the walk (yes, mom, I’m okay) and I took the walk way slower than I usually do.  When we got home I even took a nap.

Tuesday I busted my butt at work (17 hours Tuesday and 9 on Wednesday) and it took its tole, too… it makes my fingers ache… BUT on the plus side… Wednesday I wasn’t too puffy when I went to the doctor.  She was actually pleased with my progress… not WOOHOO pleased, but pleased.  My tootsies are way better and only my right hand is still giving me any real grief.  The MTX is apparently working.  What wasn’t a good thing was that my blood pressure was WAY (for me WAY) up… it was 150 over 90.  Sean the nurse freaked.  Dr Booth told me I need to take my bp twice a day and if it stays up go to my PC (why I would go to my computer I have no idea) to follow up… so I’m taking it twice a day and it is semi down (145 over 85… this morning, 137 over 85 tonight)… I think I will follow up any way… THIS is one of the things I didn’t know… MTX makes your BP go down.  Walking tons and tons makes you bp go down… hmmmm

Wednesday I got my mother’s day present… actually, Adam got his graduation present (he’s going to graduate in 3 weeks… sniff sniff sniff) and Amandya got her early birthday present and i got my mothers day present… a backflip!  I totally love the android OS phone.  My first one (Wednesday evening through Thursday evening) sucked really bad… it rebooted no less than 50 times… Neither kids’ phone did though, so I figured it was mine that was messed up… took it back and they instantly replaced it.  I was so thrilled.  This one works great.  I like that it has 4 different screens.   I love the apps I can download (I found a bp app… evernote… yoga app… even some wicked cool games.  I actually spent 99 cents on a pedometer app… but I walked 3 miles this morning and it couned SEVEN steps… really?  seven… great… ).

I also got an extra gig of memory for my laptop… which makes it so much happier.

Today was work from home day… and this morning I got an email from… there is now a Kindle book reader that is FREE for Windows OS (also iPhone and MAC and blackberry)… AND when you go on line at amazon, there are BOOKS for the Kindle for free… I downloaded 35 books to my laptop to read… some are classics like War of the Worlds… some are new… got a Yoga book… some fairy tales (even Japanese fairy tails… ).  FREE… Who knew!!!

Toss in the TO DIE for lavender scarf I found that was 30% off at the hospital gift shop next to the DR office (silk and… something… )… and the email from the lady at the Purple Day office telling me that I pretty much don’t suck (and I’ve been totally feeling like I am way lacking as a person, as a parent, as a leader, as an organizer… whatever).  That meant a lot.  AND she offered to help me with my race plans…

I even got a Happy Birthday from Warm when I was feeling mega sorry for myself…..

It was a good week… here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a good day and I don’t feel crappy.

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