Coffee, Quiet, and doing the Needful…

It is a quiet morning.  Yeah, Yeah, it’s 6:30 and I’ve been at this an hour… but it is a quiet morning anyway.

I got up and made coffee (now I am going to be drinking either iced, or at least cooled coffee while my tongue and roof of my mouth heal from yesterday’s holy crap fiasco at work… Where is my “stupid” sign) and pulled up my laptop onto the comfy couch and started moving (copying) Adam’s poetry off of Facebook (where noone will see them because he really doesn’t have many people he has friend-ed and some of the ones he has have gone by the way side… to where they can be seen by the world.

Anyone interested in a brand new take on the world, some interesting poems, and some deep thoughts on himself and the world… his new blog is Malshaunt “Snow” Delinarian’s Poetry Blog.  I was worried that he would be upset with me for putting it out there where people can see it, but I know that he wants people to read and think (and even comment…) on his poetry.  He’s had some run ins with people who are 1. poetry snobs… ones who only like THEIR poetry or ones who don’t like anything that doesn’t rhyme… and these are the people in poetry club… 2. people who don’t understand him or who look at him and think he can’t be a poet, he doesn’t look like one.  Now he is a little gun shy on putting himself on the line.

He wasn’t upset though… he was actually excited and wanted to know how long before people start reading his stuff (14 did yesterday and I was only one of them when I was making sure that the blog actually worked).

Sometimes I feel like a total wash up as a parent… sometimes not so much.  This morning (I’m so glad that my hands aren’t hurting the way they did yesterday and the only ouchies are from yoga and stretching) I’m doing something that makes me feel like an adequate parent.

Happy Friday.


2 responses to “Coffee, Quiet, and doing the Needful…

  1. Doesnt look like a poet? And they look like?


    • alicorndreams

      Beats me… it’s is his words, not mine…
      He thinks people look at him and won’t take him seriously as a poet.


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