Up Early and Thinking

It’s early this morning, I have a dog snuggled up next to me, all sprawled out on her back asleep.  Iced coffee is sweating on the night stand and I’m sitting on the bed thinking.

Graduation is in one week.  We are down to the last of the classes for the kids, Amandya is sweating her grades, finally.  Adam is sweating the fact that he isn’t 7 years old any more and he was and enjoyed it and still feels like he is.  I can totally relate.

Monday we went to his last high school orchestra concert.  It was a good concert, but it was really sad, too.

Here he is, thinking about the rose he got as a senior.  He has seen three other groups of kids getting these but reality doesn’t really set in until you are handed your rose a week or so before graduation.

It’s hard to believe he is all grown up.

Yesterday we went to the college campus that is closest to ours, not the campus he will go to for most of his classes but another local one, and got the information on how he now goes about registering for classes.  I remember when he was two years old and we were walking across the campus at Pitt Greensburg, Adam holding my hand, Amandya in her snuggly, as we made our way around the campus getting me ready for college.  Wasn’t it just a couple months ago?  Now I’m getting him ready for the same adventure.  Man… Way depressing…

This morning, hands are stiff, achey and feel really weird.  I’m hoping this is shorter term achey-ness… I figure it’s an all day thing… I may have to take my “good” pills (which really don’t work so wonderfully) before I head off for work.


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