Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (warning… it’s a rant)

I was listening to NPR this morning and got really… frustrated.

I keep thinking… WTF!!!

Why?  Oh, do tell…

They keep saying that they will get rid of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell when they are sure that it won’t cause the military readiness to be harmed.

Really?  Come on… REALLY?

Oh yeah… I know… all of a sudden having perfectly willing, oh, yeah, and perfectly not scared of someone figuring out that they are hiding things from everyone because they would be found lacking because they are who they are… having people that aren’t scared of the FRIENDLIES…. yeah, that means we will be LESS ready.

Can someone please help me to understand how that works.

I understand that people are scared that they will get contaminated somehow… if they are in close proximity to people who are attracted to the same gender.  Because a woman loves another woman or a man loves another man would actually make them incapable of following orders or shooting someone before they, themselves, got shot?  Really?

Or because now you have people that can (are willing and capable) serve without fear of their own team of soldiers who will now be able to bolster our military…yeah… having MORE serving in our military will SO make us less ready.

It isn’t like we are still looking for excuses or anything is it?  Naw, that can’t be it… that would mean that people are shoveling a bunch of refuse on our heads again… and we KNOW that can’t happen…

Geeze, quit tap dancing and get over your big bad self.

I have friends.  Funny… I have more friends than I ever dreamed sometimes… makes me smile… I don’t have gay friends (in one category) and straight friends (in another category) and never the two shall touch… I have friends.   Why is that so wrong?  Why can’t the world… why can’t people… just be that way… I can’t be THAT weird, can I?

Can I?

2 responses to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (warning… it’s a rant)

  1. omg April. So well said. Thank you for feeling…strong…brave…insightful…straightforward…whatever it takes to put reality into words.

    Love you


    • alicorndreams

      It just really irritated me so bad this morning!!!
      I mean…

      I have been listening to stories of people who have been forced out because of don’t ask don’t tell…
      They haven’t been made to leave because of anything they actually DID… just that someone found out that they prefer people of the same gender as life mates…
      but hey
      Lets keep the LOONY shrink who shot up Fort Hood… because lord knows… he MIGHT be a terrorist in our chicken coop… or at least a loose cannon… but at least he is a straight loony shrink and lord knows we have to keep the ones we assume are straight in our ranks.
      I have not often been accused of NOT being straightforward… sometimes being blunt isn’t such a good thing (like when you tell people they are nutttier than a fruit cake if they think you can do 90 hours of work in 30)… I should so not play poker… but I guess at least most people know where they stand with me… and where I stand…

      Love you mom!
      Have a marvelous day!


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