Deep Belly Breathing

I’ve been practicing (a lot lately) the ‘art’ of deep belly breathing (or diaphragmatic breathing… ).  This is when you breathe in through the nose in a long slow inhale, hold the breath for about a count of 7 (or as long up to 7 as you can) and exhale slowly… a count of 8 or so if you can.

It apparently supposed to help with stress (which it does… especially if you inhale and think relaxation and you exhale and think stress-stress-stress-stress-stress as you are exhaling).  I haven’t QUITE mastered the part where the exhale is supposed to be twice as long as the inhale, but that is because I inhale very slowly anyway… and I slow it way down when I’m practicing… so I have to make the exhale really really long to make it twice as long.

This breath (especially if you tighten the back of the throat) called (phonetically)  ooo-zha-eee breath helps to focus your concentration away from the world and onto your mind.

It helps.

Especially when you are trying to remain calm and relaxed and not say or do something stupid.


2 responses to “Deep Belly Breathing

  1. Now do we EVER say or so anything stupid?


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