What I’m Grateful For… Day 1… my Backflip

Okay… I read the 1000 Awesome Things blog (well… started reading it) and decided that it is something I need to do.  Not because I figure I will be a smashing success or anything… I honestly don’t figure I will ever be a smashing success at… much I haven’t already succeeded at but I figure I totally need to get my head on straight and get my life more positive.

So Here I go…

Today, I am most totally grateful for my entirely too expensive backflip phone.

It has freed me to be able to take notes on the go… I invested in the Documents to Go app so I can edit word documents and excel spreadsheets wherever I am.  That means I can keep track of Amandya’s seizures, my RA days and everyones meds.  I can keep track of when Adam needs to have things in for college and when library books are due (darn… that’s tomorrow… crap…) .

I can blog on the “run” so to speak… And I have, even though most of those are short and more to the point than my rambling ones that happen when I sit at the computer… like this…

I can take pictures that I might have missed if it weren’t for having my phone (although the backflip kind of sucks at pictures because it takes FOREVER to get the camera to load)  and I can take video on the fly in case I really need to and I don’t have my ipod.

I am grateful for the comfort that it brings just knowing it is there and I can lug a phone rather than a computer and still sometimes get done what I would like to get done…


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