The little things… cutting the grass in bare feet


Okay… let me start out saying that… every time I look at my feet, I hear my yoga instructor saying… toes spread brightly… and that is just what sticks in my head.  Toes are not USUALLY at this angle… honest…


When I was a kid, we had a huge back yard… I cut the back yard.  I never cut no-mans-land (this skinny stretch of yard that had rose bushes and sweet-pea vines growing out into it… and rocks strategically placed for looks but not for mowing…so, I cut the big back yard.  There were things to cut around (lots of flower beds… a big stone wishing well… dogwood trees, crabapple trees, lilac bushes… it is a wonderful yard) but it was where I learned to love to cut the grass.  I still love to cut the grass… although usually it gets cut during the week when I’m at work.

Today, it was grass cutting time…

I usually have to wear socks and shoes to cut the grass because it is usually deep enough grass to hide the ant hills.  And the first trip through the yard this morning, I did just that.  But it was deep grass today, and wet, and the mower wheels where set deep… so I cut it twice.  The second time, the grass was short enough so I cut it in bare feet… It was wonderful…. I love being able to go bare feet.  It is usually too hot here to spend a lot of time bare feet outside… you get blisters from the sidewalk and the driveway let alone the road… but the grass was cool and smooshy and tickled and felt marvleous…

It was worth sweating my hair drippy… it was a great morning


One response to “The little things… cutting the grass in bare feet

  1. You.and the little things make me smile. It was the same yard that taught me to mow the grass. Yes. It was a beautiful yard! And we had a great teacher for appriciating the task. She is still fussy.


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