Wonderful Change in the Weather…

I posted on our epilepsy blog this morning that it has been a less than idyllic week.  That really is an understatement, it was a horrible 7 days.  This morning is looking a little better.

There was a cold front blow through and with it came rain (YEAY RAIN!!!!) and a lower humidity and a high of only 90 degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. Yeah… ONLY 90 and it was heavenly.  Last night got down to the mid 60s and I hauled my butt out of bed despite the mtx crappies to watch the fireworks over the ball park.  This morning was even better.  Walked to get brownie mix and eggs and potatoes and mustard (potato salad… woohoo) and the walk was wonderful.

I feel much better.

Life is looking a little brighter.

The stress of the last week really took its tole on my me… achey and swelly… and emotionally it has been way horrible… but that may be starting to look a little better too.  At least the three day weekend will let the squirrel have a break.

now to find out if more towns besides down town Austin are having free day of yoga on monday…


One response to “Wonderful Change in the Weather…

  1. Glad the cooler weather is bringer better feelings your way! It’s way cooler here, too, and I’m happy, happy, happy! 🙂 L


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