Fixated on my Feet

Okay okay… I’ll admit it, I have decided that, since my hands are reasonably well adjusted at the moment (my booboo arm is always going to be my booboo arm and there is nothing anyone is ever going to be able to do about it WEAR WRIST GUARDS WHEN YOU ROLLERBLADE) it is time to fixate on my feet (which are less well adjusted than my hands) and ankles. My feet and ankles are still way sore in the mornings and they last that way for a couple hours.  Hot bath helps… but man… I wish they would adjust to the MTX…

My FiveFingers have shipped (regular mail… glad I signed up for the REI membership so I could get free shipping… woohoo… Adam’s Operon case for his Nook even shipped priority mail… eesh ) from the warehouse in Washington state.  They may be here this week… I’m psyched.

I’ve been working up to more and more distance bare feet… I have yet to figure out how to add speed to the adding distance… but I figure I will eventually learn that too…

I totally am a dumb @$$… I walked most of the way to the pool on Saturday bare feet… it was upper 90s and now I have a really cool half dollar sized blister (that popped) on the bottom of my right foot.  Who know dark gray roads got way hot in the afternoon sun.  It was a treat walking to Walmart yesterday… the blister broke early in the morning and during the walk I could feel the skin moving around on the bottom of my foot… all I kept thinking was… man I hope this doesn’t get infected… cutting through the wet grass and getting wet feet on the way home didn’t help a whole lot either… but right now it doesn’t feel too bad.

Now… I can’t wait to try on my Vebrams… From what I understand… a lot of people have been hunting them and they have been back ordered everywhere… and they sell our just about as soon as they hit the shelves.  I knew I was weird, but I didn’t know that there are that many other weird people in the world… geeze…

I see Dr Stephanie on Wednesday… I’m actually looking forward to this appointment… I want to see her take on my thinking that bare feet will help… and I want to see if the achies in my feet and ankles is actually in my appendages or if it is all in my head…


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