Sunday Morning’s Walk

I’m thrilled that even the minor change in temperature.  We made the most of the respite by taking our Sunday walk again.  It was great.

Keep in mind… the respite is relative.  It was “only” in the mid 70s when we left home in the dark at 6:30.  It was a bit more humid than I would have liked… but it was still wonderful to get back out walking together.

It’s been great watching the changes in the season that is so different here.  Back home, you look forward to Knee High By The 4th of July to make sure that the corn crop will make it.  Here… by end of July or very early August… the corn is harvested.  And harvest… uh… yeah… no corn pickers here… the corn is baled.  The picture on the left is this year’s corn.  The one on the right is last years.  I really liked the picture of last year’s because of the fog rolling in.

The fog wasn’t there with the early dawn… it snuck in as we got to the park… about 7 or 7:30.

As it snuck in… it made the morning much more humid than when we left the house… but not as unbearable as a couple of the walks we’ve had this summer.

The cows didn’t seem to mind too much.

I’m not sure the people who paid good money for the balloon ride, though, got the full experience since everything was way hazy.

We didn’t have need as much water this walk, but I did manage to down two big stainless bottles of water that we brought.

We stopped at the port-a-potties in the park and all but one of them was locked… what’s up with that?  And the only one that wasn’t locked was the handicapped one.  At least it was the one that has a gap at the bottom of the door… so there was a breeze sneaking under the door.  It was particularly weird because there was a little league tournament in the park and the ones we usually stop at were the ones closest to the baseball fields.

It was really nice.

I don’t know if just walking is the nicest part of our Sunday outings, or the fact that we actually get the quiet time together to talk.  Talking is something that, when everyone is up at home, we don’t get to do so much… so the walks are particularly nice.

The more we walk, and the more I realize that I can really walk and that I can walk way further than normal people do… the more I think that it would be a really cool idea to walk across the United States… or to spend a month walking to PA someday just because I can.  I always thought it would be wicked cool to walk the whole apalatian trail… For a lot of years I thought that was an absolutely retarded dream… Now… I guess I’m not so sure that it was.  Maybe some day it is something that is do-able…

Hmmm… taking pictures of the apalatian trail…


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