Thinking a lot on a Saturday Afternoon…


9 am took Adam’s teeny tiny laptop to Best Buy to have the cracked monitor screen (horribly cracked) fixed.  It will be at least a couple weeks before it gets back…  time will tell how well it will be fixed or if it will “just” be replaced.

Bent over to pick up the paper after I dropped it… and my back went out.  Hot bath didn’t help a whole lot.  I’m not hurrying anywhere… but if I stay in one position I can do this for the most part.  It should go back in in a couple days.

Psychologist appointment went amazingly well.  He is in the process of moving.  It is sad… he has been in that office as long as we have been here.  It is comfortable and familiar.  Now he is moving.  He told Amandya that he thinks she can scale way back on visits.  The crisis is over and she is gaining control again.  This is a good thing.

Panda Express for lunch… with a McDonalds pitt stop for coffee… mmmmm

Walmart for pills and I got Crochet Nylon… I’m making my own yoga strap.  I know they aren’t very expensive, but I have been wanting one and wanting to be able to customize my own strap… now I am.  I am nearly done with it… it feels good to have the progress and with the help it will give me in my practice and it makes me smile.

Graces Day 9.  September 25, 2010…

1. Pictures from home.  They were wonderful… and they made me smile and made me cry and made me feel so close and so far away.  They are a treasure.

2. Having external validation that Amandya is doing better.

3.  Having Amandya come tell me, for the first time in forever, that she was going to the park by herself.

4. Panda Express

5.  The idea of bringing together some stories that I have inside to bring it to the world…


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