It is Sunday afternoon.  There are some mares tales clouds in the sky, it is windy… the cold front (“cold” front) came through.  It is “only” 83 degrees.  Amandya is freezing.

I’ve been sitting outside all afternoon and loving it.  Since the wind picked up it is less fun, but still not bad.

Peperoni bread is in the oven.  Dinner is garlic chicken and noodles and broccoli..

The dog is scared to DEATH of the t-towel that blew onto the umbrella stand for the table and keeps barking at it like it is going to attack her.

The wind chimes are gentle and calming.

It is a good day.

With the leaving of the humidity… my achies are down, too.  My swollen lymph nodes in my neck don’t hurt anymore.  My back (that I put out yesterday) is feeling better…

I like fall… even here.  not as much as back home (more pictures today!!!) but I like fall…

Graces… September 26, 2010

1.  Peanut, the happy little bichon, is loving the cooler weather and has been laying on the porch with me all afternoon.

2. Peperoni bread is popular even though people here don’t quite get it.

3. Amandya Eeeeeep-ed about my helping her get her exhibition card done for drill team (I even got a hug for spending half the morning digging for videos that hand pieces that could be cobbled together for her ass slapping fiesta).  She has been so much happier lately.  The smiles are back and she has been way less crabby, moody, bitchy (not totally NOT bitchy but way less).

4. Pumpkin coffee is good over ice

5. I really think I can pull off a book of essays… motivational… real… don’t know that ANYONE would buy it, but I think I can pull one together and I think I need to.


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